WhatsApp Useful Functions: 12 Tips to Provide Unparalleled Service

WhatsApp is the social media platform with the highest penetration rate in Hong Kong. Everyone is inseparable from it, whether for personal or business transactions. In light of this, are you able to utilize every feature of WhatsApp? This article lists 12 WhatsApp useful functions that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Use these secrets wisely, and you will be able to provide customers with unparalleled service!

[1] Converse directly without an address book.

Want to communicate with new customers via WhatsApp without adding them to your contacts? Simply enter their mobile number in https://wa.me/ international format in your browser. For instance, the complete URL is https://wa.me/ 85212345678 if the other person is a Hong Kong user.

To learn how this approach is used by retailers to boost the effectiveness of their marketing, read the blog below.

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[2] Set exclusive notification sounds for important groups or contacts.

You can set a special notification sound just for your VIP customers so you never miss a message from them. If you hear a specific notification sound during peak hours, you can respond right away to their inquiries.

To set up one of WhatsApp’s useful functions, select “Background image and sound effects” in the group or contact information. Then, set a unique sound for customers in “Alerts”.

Setting up special notification sound - one of WhatsApp's useful functions

[3] Transfer high-definition pictures

Customers can only see low-resolution products and promotional photographs on WhatsApp since it compresses the images sent. The professional image of the brand will be affected as a result.

However, you simply need to upload the pictures you wish to transfer to the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, etc. You can send high-definition images by choosing “Files” on WhatsApp instead of “Photo and Video Library”.

Transfer high-definition pictures - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

But you only need to upload the photos you want to send to the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, etc., and then select “Files” in WhatsApp to transfer the pictures, instead of “Photo and Video Library”, you can send high-definition pictures. Alternately, access Storage and Data in Settings > Media Upload Quality > choose Best Quality.

WhatsApp's Useful Functions

[4] Add special effects to text.

Your promotional message can become more engaging by using special effects, which also help to highlight key terms. Customers can obtain important information more quickly in this way, through one of WhatsApp’s useful functions.

Bold: Add an asterisk “*” before and after the text

Italic: Add underline “_” before and after the text. Kindly note that the italic effect does not apply to Chinese characters.

Strikethrough: Add a wavy line “~” before and after the text

Monospaced font: Add “`” before and after the text

add special effects to text - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

Long pressing the entered text is an option if you think that remembering symbols is too challenging. Then you may choose straight away between monospaced, strikethrough, bold, or italic fonts.

add special effects to text - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions
add special effects to text - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

[5] Convert the recording to text.

You can download an application that translates the customer’s recording to text if listening to it is not convenient for you. One of the applications that you can consider is Messenger for WhatsApp Web +.

Choose your preferred language after installation, then share the WhatsApp recording to Messenger for WhatsApp Web +. The application will then show the recording’s text translation.

Messenger for WhatsApp Web +

[6] Unable to read messages or respond right away?

Sometimes, you want to read a customer’s message before responding but lack the time to do so immediately. Customers may have a negative impression of your brand if they learn that their messages are not replied to.

Many individuals are aware that if you disable the “read mark”, the other party will not be able to tell whether or not you have read the message. However, if you do not want to turn off this useful Whatsapp function, that is also fine! To preview a message without leaving a reply, simply press and hold the other party’s chat bar under the read mark. This way you can view the message instantly and then respond as applicable.

Preview message - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

[7] Send time-limited messages to delete conversations automatically.

Send customers a timed conversation to prevent them from seeing expired promos or offers.

In the group or contact information, choose “Disappearing Messages” and choose the appropriate message time limit, from 24 hours to 90 days. The message will be automatically deleted when the time restriction expires. Therefore, sending out outdated or misleading content to customers will be less of your worry.

Disappearing messages - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

[8] Answer a group member’s queries via private message.

You can privately answer a customer’s message if they post a query in the group.

Simply long-press the message, click “More”, and then choose “Reply Privately”. This will direct you to message the customer in private.

Private message - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

[9] Only the administrator can send messages to the group.

Assigning the administrator to be the only person who can send messages to a group is one of WhatsApp’s useful functions. If you want to make the group into a bulletin or prevent members from washing its version, this is the ideal option.

In the group information, select “Group Settings”, click “Send Messages”, and then select “Only Admins” to speak.

Only Admins can send messages - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

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[10] Select the type of file to delete. 

After using WhatsApp for a while, your phone’s storage space may become congested with numerous conversations and multimedia files. If you frequently send your customers images or videos, this is most likely to occur. However, when you select “Clear Conversation” in settings, you will also delete all important customer conversations plus media files.

Fear not, we have another aid up our sleeves for you! Just click “Manage Storage” under “Storage Data” in the settings menu. Only huge multimedia files that take up a lot of space can be deleted with this.

Selecting file type to delete - one of WhatsApp's Useful Functions

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[11] Label classification of different customers.

You can categorize customers if you utilize WhatsApp Business by employing tags. Classifications can include new customers, old customers, customers who bought product A, customers who viewed product A, etc. With the use of tags, you can target particular customer demographics and remarket through the most personal channels. Messages can mention a Checkout Reminder to improve conversion rates. At the moment, this useful WhatsApp function allows for the storage of 20 tags.

Access Settings > Business Tools > Tags to add tags.

Simply long-press the message and choose “Label” to assign the customer to one of several tags.

whatsapp business label

[12] Quick Reply 

Quick reply is another excellent and useful WhatsApp Business function. You can pre-set the answers to several frequently asked questions, including topics like shipping details and business hours. Additionally, you can respond to customer questions with a single click. Currently, WhatsApp allows storing up to 50 quick replies.

Select “Business Tools” in “Settings”, and then select “Quick Reply” to set up a quick reply.

Similarly, to use Quick Reply, just type “/” on the keyboard to see your pre-set message.

whatsapp business quick reply

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Unlock More Useful WhatsApp Functions with VIMOS

Use WhatsApp Business API now if the aforementioned useful WhatsApp functions are insufficient for you to manage customer service and marketing. Utilizing VIMOS is a fantastic approach to maximize the useful WhatsApp functions of your online business and significantly enhance its performance.

Using WhatsApp with VIMOS has the following 4 main functions:

1. Chatbot – Respond to customer inquiries quickly with automated messages.

2. Broadcast function – Send multiple messages to customers with ease, and broadcast to specific customer groups efficiently.

3. Simultaneous team usage – Multiple team members can use the same WhatsApp account simultaneously, facilitating labor division and streamlining sales and customer service.

4. Multiperson login and integrated messaging platform – Improve work efficiency by responding to messages from various channels from one platform.

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