eCommerce Trends in 2024: 3 Benefits of WhatsApp Business to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Speaking of mainstream – WhatsApp is the current trend in Hong Kong for instant messaging, widely used be it for personal, or business needs. It is considered a necessity for business owners, especially when communicating with customers. If you operate an eCommerce, you may already be using WhatsApp Business. But knowing how to make effective use of the other version called -WhatsApp Business API can greatly increase your online store sales. Learn about the key benefits of WhatsApp Business API and boost your retail sales now!

WhatsApp Business VS WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business is a free application that anyone can download, primarily designed for small businesses. Since applying for a WhatsApp Business account does not require business certification, it is difficult for the public to distinguish the legitimacy of a business.

On the other hand, this concern can be solved by WhatsApp Business API (Official Business Account), since merchants need to apply for an account through an officially designate API provider. WhatsApp Business API, in addition to the core tasks of WhatsApp Business, can also play a larger role through the integration of third-party applications.

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Functional Differences Between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

Regular Personal WhatsApp 

WhatsApp Business 

WhatsApp Business API 
How to apply?  Download from PlayStore/AppStore  Download from PlayStore/AppStore  Applied through officially designated provider 
Business Profile 
Internal tags for chats  Segment chats with tags (provided by VIMOS) 
Instant reply 
Welcoming message and Out-of-office message 
Business verification 
(Easily stolen/banned) 
Chat backup  Only on one device  Only on one device  Backed up on cloud for multi-person access (Provided by VIMOS) 
Multi-device/person login 
Team members can manage different conversations simultaneously (Provided by VIMOS) 
Chatbot + Keyword Autoreply 
Use VIMOS to Automate WhatsApp Marketing 
Send product recommendation 
Sync product catalog with your WhatsApp  (Provided by VIMOS) 
Broadcast messages + Automatically add tags for remarketing 
Use VIMOS to send broadcast messages to targeted customers 

Advantages of WhatsApp Business API

High credibility with commercial certification

Since business certification is required from merchants before they can apply for a WhatsApp Business API account, online stores’ credibility and authenticity are naturally enhanced, and customers can communicate to merchants with confidence.

Secure merchant account and customer information

As previously stated, anyone can easily create a WhatsApp Business account. However, if the account is found to be in violation of the terms of service, it will be suspended and the phone number used to create it will be banned from using WhatsApp. That is to say, all of the consumer data that online store owners have worked so hard to collect will be lost all of a sudden. Fortunately, a WhatsApp Business API account with commercial authentication is safe and efficient.

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Expanded functionality of WhatsApp Business

Online store owners can match their WhatsApp Business API with a suitable third-party application to incorporate extra functions and make management easier VIMOS, more than any other third-party tool, can not only improve your team management system but also actively seek new business prospects and greatly increase the performance of your online shop.

How can VIMOS help you improve your business performance?

VIMOS can display numerous functionalities and apps from the WhatsApp Business API to help you improve your company’s performance.

A more systematic process as multiple people use sales and customer service simultaneously

With VIMOS, multiple team members can access your WhatsApp Business API at the same time. This facilitates conversational sales and customer relationship management with clients – significantly improving the team management system.

team management

Chatbot reduces the cost of human resources

VIMOS provides a chatbot that allows you to set up some frequently asked questions and answers. For example: What color is this item in, and is it still in stock? What time does the store open? How to pick up?  The API will automatically respond to client queries through an auto-reply function when customers mention relevant words.

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Send automated messages to proactively search for business opportunities

VIMOS can be linked to your online store’s web page, which will automatically send items customers are interested in and enable them to buy immediately. VIMOS, a third-party application for WhatsApp Business API also allows for the automatic scheduling of bulk messages. Merchants can send messages to multiple customers with a single click at a predetermined time, and proactively seek for potential customers, providing you new business opportunities.


Looking to scale up your business with WhatsApp Business API? Sign up for a free demo with VIMOS Chat Automation for Sales to boost your sales today! 

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