5 Benefits of Conversational Commerce to Online Stores

Conversational Commerce According to Statista’s prediction, global spending on conversational commerce channels is expected to increase seven times by 2025, reaching almost $290 billion. Additionally, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated in an Instagram Story that messaging, commerce, and video will be Instagram’s top product feature priority in 2022. Conversational commerce is often referred to as […]

6 Tips to Easily Handle Heavy Customer Inquiries

Customer Inquiries

Customer inquiries increase as your online store advances. Retailers can gradually expand their workforce as their business demands grow. However, how can you deal with increased traffic and customer inquiries when you’re short on resources? If you rely on a small team to respond, not only will the customer be left waiting for a long […]

3 Reasons Why Directing Entire Ad Traffic to Your Website is a Bad Idea

Ad Traffic

To increase online store traffic, many e-commerce companies place advertisements on search engines or social media. True enough, advertising can help your online store attract a lot of customers; however, traffic alone is ineffective. In order to achieve sustainable growth, e-commerce businesses must convert online store ad traffic into profit. Because advertising is expensive, you […]

Digital Transformation: The Key to Scaling Customer Experience

Digital Transformation

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of several businesses, particularly the retail sector. Digital transformation proved to be an effective way to reach customers via various online channels and boost e-commerce competitiveness. However, while strengthening competitiveness, businesses should make good use of digital technology and improve customer experience in a targeted manner. This strategy […]

2022 E-commerce Trends: 4 Tips to an Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service

Online stores are fast growing in popularity, and competition is becoming increasingly intense. Customers today expect excellent customer service in addition to high-quality products and services. Customer service refers to the assistance provided to clients both before and after they purchase a product or service. This feature includes answering questions, introducing products, and addressing complaints, […]