Try WhatsApp Chat Bot for free!5 Major Features of VIMOS Free Trial

Do you want to know what powerful marketing features come with the free version of VIMOS? Check out this article now!

Features of VIMOS Free Version

The free trial of VIMOS includes five major functions. These can aid in the streamlining of customer service, sales, and remarketing processes. All major functions are proven to significantly reduce the burden of manpower.

WhatsApp Auto-reply via VIMOS

VIMOS can assist you in sending out auto-replies via preset responses when customers enter the keyword. You can include links, images, or even videos in addition to plain text responses to increase interaction. The three interactive buttons below can be pre-programmed in the same way that multiple-choice questions work instead of filling-in queries. This greatly simplifies both customer service and the distribution and handling of guest questions.

  1. List Button: You can create up to 10 selection buttons. In the list, you can fill in the company background, product information, and frequently asked questions.
  2. Quick Reply Button: You can configure up to 3 buttons, such as Contact Us, Latest Offers, and Product Description.
  3. Call-to-action Button: Guide customers to complete their transactions by providing a purchase link, a contact number, and an appointment for a consultation

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Tag function through VIMOS for categorizing various types of customers

Depending on the traffic of various online advertisements, you can categorize customers into several lists for future marketing and sales.

To reach prospective customers, proactively use WhatsApp Broadcast.

Select the appropriate recipient label or add a new contact to create a WhatsApp broadcast list. Then, with a single click, actively deliver customized promotional communications to the targeted customer group.

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Developed by the VIMOS team  – Exclusive A/B testing function for the Hong Kong Market

You can easily judge the effectiveness of the two broadcasts by using VIMOS’ new A/B test function. The system distributes the two broadcasts evenly and tests advertising messages with various variables. Titles, copywriting, and so on are examples of such parameters. This is done prior to broadcasting to determine your winning formula.

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Professional Marketing and Customer Service Guidance

In comparison to other SaaS Model companies, VIMOS also offers after-sales customer service. Consumers who subscribe to VIMOS can acquire guidance from the customer service team, as well as support in other business situations.

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How to Acquire VIMOS Free Edition

Step 1: Navigate to the VIMOS website and then click the Free Trial button in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Fill out the necessary information, then click Create Account.

Step 3: Enter the verification code and begin using your account right away!


What are the 5 major functions of VIMOS Free Trial?

  1. WhatsApp Auto-reply
  2. Tag function
  3. WhatsApp Broadcast to reach prospective customers
  4. Exclusive VIMOS A/B testing function
  5. Professional Marketing and Customer Service Guidance