eCommerce Guide: How to enable Facebook Business Verification Button if it’s not showing up?

Countless merchants have applied for a WhatsApp Business API account and use its extended features to expand their online business. Automatic replies and broadcasts are some examples of WhatsApp’s extended functions. Before activating WhatsApp Business API permissions, merchants must first complete enterprise verification with Facebook Business. This is because Meta manages Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, and WhatsApp Business through Facebook Business Manager.

In addition to WhatsApp API extensions, Facebook Business Verification can keep your ad account from being blocked. Accounts are sometimes blocked by mistake even when the merchant is not in violation of any policies. This is primarily due to Facebook’s automated systems accidentally blocking some ad accounts.

In such cases, Facebook will require advertisements to verify one’s business. Some advertisers have their ad accounts reopened after completing commercial verification without being prompted by Facebook. Hence, Facebook business verification is critical if you want to use the WhatsApp Business API or run Facebook ads!

Accomplishing the business verification is easy; simply go to the Facebook Account Security Center to begin the process. You may read the article below to find out how to complete the entire verification procedure!

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However, some Facebook Business users may notice that there is no Start Verification button, or the button is grayed out before beginning the verification process. This is a common quandary for merchants when they first enter the Meta Business Suite Security Center.

Facebook business verification

What should I do at this time?

Start Facebook Business Verification

Step 1: Go to “Apps”

If merchants cannot find the Start Verification button, they must create a brand new application to trigger the verification portal. This is accessible through the Account Security Center.

At this point, in Meta Business Suite, we first select App from the More Business Settings menu.

Facebook business verification go to apps

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Step 2: Create a new application ID

After entering the app page, click Add and select Create a New App ID.

Facebook business verification  create a new app

Step 3: Select the application type

After clicking Add, choose Business as the application type, and then click Continue.

Steps to enable Facebook business verification: Selecting an app type

Step 4: Fill in and confirm the information

Enter your display name, email address, and business account information. When done, click Create Application. To confirm, enter your Facebook account password.

Steps to enable Facebook business verification: Provide basic information

Step 5: Go to “App Review”

After completing the application, you will view the page below. Under App Review, click Requests.

Facebook business verification app review

Whereupon, click the Request permissions or features button.

Facebook business verification app review request

In the Page_user_locale column, swipe to the far right to click the Request button.

Step 6: Start Facebook Business Verification

Return to the Security Center and look for the Start Verification entry.

Facebook business verification start verification

In cases where you are Unable to Create a New Application ID

In the second step above sections, some merchants may be unable to create a new application ID. To address this issue, you must first connect your Facebook account to Facebook for Developers.

When you arrive at the developer tools page, click My Apps or Get Started.

Facebook business verification Meta Apps

After entering the registration page, click Continue and confirm your email address. Agree to receive electronic communications, then select Confirm Email.

Steps to enable Facebook business verification: confirm email

The system will then allow you to select the character that best suits you. We generally advise selecting a Marketer, Product Manager, or Other.

Hit Complete Registration.

Steps to enable Facebook business verification: Complete registration

After completing the registration process, you will arrive at the Apps page. To make your first app for your company, click Create App.

Select Business and click Next.

selecting an app type

Enter your display name, email address, and Business Manager account information.

Click Create App and confirm your Facebook account password.

provide basic info

After completing the application, you can return to Meta Business Suite’s Apps Page.

Video Tutorial 

Start Facebook Business Verification with VIMOS!

VIMOS supports you in activating WhatsApp Business API.

Authenticating with Facebook Business Manager grants you a passport to open a WhatsApp Business API account.  Once verified, merchants can have more than 50 daily conversations with their contacts. Furthermore, they can integrate messages from various communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Users will be able to respond to customer messages and send mass broadcasts after completing the verification process. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration is also possible via officially recognized third-party application platforms.

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Whatsapp API features of VIMOS app on desktop and mobile

Key VIMOS features include:

  • Chatbots
  • Keyword auto-replies
  • Team management and multi-person login
  • Customer labeling and classification
  • One-click broadcast remarketing
  • Personalized messages
  • Automatic access to conversations in the cloud
  • Online live video selling
  • CRM for precision marketing

Nonetheless, the application process for a WhatsApp Business API account is quite complicated, and applications are occasionally rejected. By becoming an official VIMOS user, you will not only receive a comprehensive instructional video on how to create a WhatsApp Business API account from scratch. Our professional WhatsApp marketing team will also demonstrate how to use WhatsApp Business API’s extended features!

Users can also contact live customer service via email and WhatsApp to receive responses to their queries or concerns.

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