WhatsApp Auto-reply Ultimate Guide for Businesses

Set up FAQs in WhatsApp Auto-reply

Almost every website has a Frequently Asked Questions page since customer inquiries are commonly repeated. Consumers love to get answers to their questions directly from the business. Fortunately, the WhatsApp auto-reply robot is already capable of handling more than half of the inquiries.

VIMOS’ WhatsApp chatbot has a list button that can provide customers with up to ten options. Customers can select questions from the list when they inquire via WhatsApp. In contrast to large bank phone recordings, listening to the pre-recorded voice and slowly completing ten options in WhatsApp. The list button in WhatsApp instantly displays all common problems. No need to wait for a long time as customers can immediately get responses to their inquiries. The experience is revitalizing, and the WhatsApp auto-reply runs on autopilot 24/7.

In addition, when you create your list buttons, you can prioritize and place the most frequently asked questions at the top of the list. Queries may include return policies and payment options, and so on.

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Provide product suggestions through WhatsApp Auto-reply

While FAQs are useful in inquiry management, you can take it a step further by directing customers to purchase when they actively inquire.

You can not only eliminate customer doubts by using WhatsApp chatbots! During the conversation, you can also direct consumers to purchase your products based on their preferences and background. Furthermore, you can collect customer information for easy remarketing.

WhatsApp Auto-reply for Handling Complaints

Problems will always arise, no matter how good your products and after-sales services are. Sometimes, customers may also complain or request a refund. Fortunately, they can apply for refunds using WhatsApp instead of writing emails or filling out forms. They can complete the entire operation process through the aid of WhatsApp Chatbots and auto-reply. Customers can benefit from a more convenient inquiry method, saving their time and energy.

However, even the WhatsApp chatbot may not be able to handle all of the complaints. Complaints can be delegated to different team members for better management after they are received. Hence, businesses can avoid centralizing response work on a single person since multiple people can access one VIMOS account simultaneously.

Collect Opinions and Feedback via WhatsApp Auto-reply

Customer feedback is critical for business growth. Online surveys and questionnaires, however, can be excessively long at times.  Similarly, email and phone interviews can be time-consuming. The process of providing feedback as a customer is difficult, resulting in a negative experience.

Do you want to hear a trick? You can let your chatbot conduct customer surveys! Instead of filling out a questionnaire, customers feel as if they are interacting with a real salesperson via chatbot. This is more effective than sending an email that may be forgotten in their inbox.

With a single click, VIMOS’ WhatsApp broadcast function sends customized promotional messages to target customers. You can send coupons and questionnaires, as well as quick-reply buttons and a list button with up to 10 choices.

Why is WhatsApp marketing becoming more important?

WhatsApp has the potential to become the next marketing platform after Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, announced that WhatsApp and Messenger will be the next growth outlets.

Indeed, many businesses in Europe and America utilize WhatsApp to complete a variety of tasks:

  • Contact customers via WhatsApp to promote and sell their products and services.
  • Use WhatsApp to complete the entire customer service process, reducing manpower significantly.
  • 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp
  • Send out customized marketing messages to different types of customers on WhatsApp to increase orders

In comparison to other SaaS Model companies, VIMOS also offers after-sales customer service. Consumers who subscribe to VIMOS can acquire guidance from the customer service team, as well as support in other business situations.

Sign up for VIMOS today and enjoy a complimentary 7-day free trial of WhatsApp Cloud API. Our specialists are always ready to provide assistance with using the platform and other functions of WhatsApp API. Connect with us now!


WhatsApp Auto-reply empowers businesses to:

  1. Set up FAQs
  2. Provide product suggestions
  3. Handle complaints
  4. Collect opinions and feedback

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