How WhatsApp Chat Links Can Save Your Time and Enhance Ad Performance

WhatsApp Chat Link

Numerous online stores greatly use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers.  Thanks to technological advancements, customers no longer need to save an online store’s phone number before contacting them! Customers may now connect with online stores with a simple click using WhatsApp Chat Link. Anyone can connect with the user by clicking the universal link created via WhatsApp, simplifying the interaction procedure.

This article will shoot you useful e-commerce tips utilizing WhatsApp. We will teach you how to create a WhatsApp universal link for free, and send messages directly without adding contacts. Read on to discover the secrets to increasing the efficiency of your business with WhatsApp Chat Link!

Send messages on WhatsApp without adding contacts!

Universal links, created through WhatsApp, enable users to connect with other accounts without requiring a saved phone number. Below are the steps to create your own link.

Users, especially online retailers, may share their unique links on their social platforms to reach a larger audience. With a single click, customers can now start chatting with online stores, and vice versa.

WhatsApp Chat Link with a Pre-filled Message

WhatsApp Chat Link also allows users to create a personalized default message to start a conversation. Using Walink’s WhatsApp link generator to create a custom default message is a great choice. Why? Because this application will also send users a default message when customers click on their link. Default messages can even be segmented, and emojis can be placed for a more personalized approach.

Online stores can customize several default messages on various platforms, even with different products. To make customer queries more specific, you may use messages such as:

“Hello, I saw your brand promo in a Facebook ad and want to know more.”

“Hello, I am on your website and would like to purchase your products.”

The default messages above are simple, yet very beneficial to online stores. First, sellers can know the source of the query and easily identify the effectiveness of their promotion efforts on various channels. Second, the extra time spent asking questions and making follow-ups are lessened, reducing the workload of salespeople.

Consequently, online stores can convert a WhatsApp Chat Link into a QR code, allowing customers to connect with only one scan. QR codes are useful additions to posters, brochures, websites, and social media promotions – hence, client-accessible marketing collateral.

WhatsApp Chat Link QR Code
Default Messages

Using WhatsApp Chat Link to Improve Ad Performance

What comes next after creating a WhatsApp Chat Link? It is necessary, especially for online stores, to put this beneficial knowledge to good use. Your WhatsApp Chat Link should be utilized to drive advertising traffic to WhatsApp and boost shop conversion rates. Here are two basic techniques to  drive traffic to WhatsApp from Facebook ads:

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1. Use Messages as the Campaign Objective

Select “Messages” as the Campaign Objective when running Facebook ads. You may choose “Send WhatsApp Message” as your button for your Facebook ads and drive advertising traffic to your  WhatsApp Business. When the set button is clicked, a chat thread on WhatsApp will launch, and customers can connect with your store instantly.

Messages as the Campaign Objective
Facebook Ads

Online stores whose primary consumer groups are students should exercise caution when placing advertisements. Ad content inappropriate for minors in this manner cannot be seen by customers under the age of 18.

Consumer Groups

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2. Use Traffic as the Campaign Objective

The second option is to choose “Traffic” as the Campaign Objective, then connect to the created WhatsApp Chat Link in the call-to-action button. This method also displays the default message added.

Traffic as Campaign Objective
WhatsApp Chat Link

It’s worth noting that if you choose “WhatsApp” as your Traffic destination, your ad will not be shown to consumers under the age of 18. If you choose “Website” as your destination, your ad will be visible to customers aged 13 and above.

Ad Traffic Options
Customer Age

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