WhatsApp Business API New Pricing- How your business could benefit from the change

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WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API (Official Business Account) is an instant messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a more efficient, secure, and reliable manner. Should merchants want more WhatsApp features to support their increasing business demands, they should upgrade their accounts and take advantage of the WhatsApp Business API’s benefits.

Previous Charging Model

Notification-Based Pricing was the previous strategy for the WhatsApp Business API. A fixed cost is charged by WhatsApp if the merchant sends a template message. WhatsApp will only charge for one template message if the business can contact the client within 24 hours after sending it. Conversely, the merchant will be charged an additional fee if it has been more than 24 hours since the customer last sent a message to the merchant.

The Latest WhatsApp Business API Charging Model

In February 2022, WhatsApp’s payment model shifted from notification-based to conversation-based pricing. Instead of charging by each template message, businesses are now charged by the number of conversations. Although a template message is still an engagement, WhatsApp will only charge for one conversation if a merchant and the same customer exchange dozens of messages in a 24-hour period.

Latest Price List

WhatsApp Business API charges varying costs depending on the area of the phone number, and there are two distinct price options for conversations:

Business-Initiated Conversation: To start their initial conversation with a customer, businesses are required to use a template message. Conversation costs are charged every 24 hours for merchant-initiated engagements. The fee for a chat in Hong Kong is USD 0.0745 while VIMOS will charge HKD 0.57961 after converting the exchange rate.

Businesses utilize WhatsApp message templates to send out notifications or customer service messages to people who have opted in to receive notifications. Appointment reminders, delivery information, issue resolution, and payment updates are all examples of messages that can be sent.

Customer-Initiated Conversation: If a customer initiates a conversation and the merchant responds within 24 hours, the customer will be charged a conversation fee. However, if the merchant does not respond to the client within 24 hours, the transaction is considered a “merchant-initiated interaction”, and the cost will be increased. In Hong Kong, users will be charged USD 0.0224 for each conversation, with VIMOS charging HKD 0.174272 after currency rate conversion.

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WhatsApp Business API Sample Cost Computations

Business-Initiated Conversations

When a merchant initiates a conversation with a customer at 14:00 on February 1, a 24-hour countdown begins. Merchants can send unlimited messages to this customer until 13:59 on February 2. The WhatsApp Business API will only charge the merchant once for a “merchant-initiated conversation”, which costs HKD 0.57961.

Customer-Initiated Conversations

If a customer sends a message to a merchant at 14:00 on February 1, the merchant must respond by 13:59 on February 2 at the latest. The 24-hour dialogue clock will begin if the merchant was able to answer within the specified duration, for example, at 13:59 on February 2. Merchants can now send this customer an infinite number of messages until 13:58 on February 3rd. The WhatsApp Business API will only charge merchants HKD 0.174272 for “customer-initiated conversations.”

Nevertheless, the conversation will be considered “merchant-initiated” if the merchant does not respond to the customer within 24 hours (i.e. 14:00 on February 2), and the WhatsApp Business API will charge HKD 0.57961.

Free Conversations

Every WhatsApp Business account comes with 1000 free conversations per month. Even if an account contains many phone numbers, the number of free conversations is limited to 1000.  These conversations can be “business-initiated conversations” or “customer-initiated conversations.”

Furthermore, there is no charge for the conversation when a customer clicks the Send WhatsApp message button on a Facebook or Instagram ad, or the Facebook Page’s call-to-action button to send a message to the business. Customers, on the other hand, are the only ones who can initiate interactions at free access points. In addition, just the first chat with a consumer from the entry point is free; further conversations with customers must be paid for.

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How can merchants benefit from the latest payment model

Many businesses have benefited from the latest WhatsApp Business API billing model. Merchants who need to send their customers several template messages may be able to save money when using the WhatsApp Business API. Without paying for each template message, merchants can send an unlimited number of messages within 24 hours.

Furthermore, businesses can benefit from 1000 free monthly conversations and free entry points, allowing them to create an enjoyable experience for their customers before they purchase.

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WhatsApp Business API service from VIMOS

The WhatsApp Business API is not available for direct download. Merchants must apply for an account through an officially certified WhatsApp Business API provider, and they can utilize it with the integration of a third-party application.

As a third-party application, VIMOS will apply for a WhatsApp Business API account from the provider for the merchant, and create a user interface for their convenience.

VIMOS showcases a chatbot feature that communicates automated replies to customers in response to their inquiries. To boost work efficiency, users can also broadcast to selected consumer groups and respond to communications from several channels in a unified backdrop.

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