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The Era of Digital Transformation. Boost online sales conversion by bringing human touch online.

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Enable Interactive Marketing online with VIMOS

Increase overall sales by 5x with personalized recommendation. Bring human touch and impulse purchase online.

Real-time video shopping
Stimulate impulse spending

Let your customers know your products better with 1-to-1 Live shopping. Reduce online sales friction and build stronger relationship with your customers

video shopping live shopping
Team management on Whatsapp API: Multi-person login to manage live chats as a team

Multi-person login
Manage live chats as a team

Reduce response time with chat automation and team management. Solve the enquiries in seconds and speed up purchase decisions.


Motivate your salespersons
With a sales attribution report

Automatically record sales performance in each chat. Reward your sales MVP based on chat performance. Encourage your team to respond proactively to enquiries.