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WhatsApp Chatbot Marketing

Sick of repetitive enquiries
Easy automation setup can help!


WhatsApp Auto-Reply: Shorten Wait Times

Offer 24/7 instant responses to common questions and inquiries from Facebook ads/WhatsApp, ensuring customer queries receive round-the-clock attention.

The combination of three powerful WhatsApp automation features elevates your online business operations to a new level.


24/7 Automated Marketing and CS Assistant


Automated Precision Marketing through Customer Categorization


Immediate Personal Handling to Enhance Customer Experience

Upgrade your WhatsApp API through VIMOS and enhance your business marketing growth

Welcome Message Greeting

Customize content options for easy handling of common questions

WhatsApp Template Messages

Supports messages, images, buttons, and various file types


Template Message Variables

Use content within brackets as variables for easy personalization.


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即時更新客戶資訊:當客戶點擊互動按鈕時,VIMOS WhatsApp 自動將客戶標籤分類,讓你可以更準確地銷售產品或服務

Upgrade your WhatsApp API through VIMOS and enhance your business growth

List Button

Offer up to 10 buttons, filling the list with various information

Reply Button

Offer 3 buttons for immediate handling of customer queries

CTA Button

Directly guide customers to the website to complete purchases