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WhatsApp API | Automated Forms | One-Click Payment

Customized Forms x WhatsApp for More Efficient Online Business Operations

WhatsApp Form 結合以下六大功能

Customized WhatsApp Forms

Easily create and send forms, offering more convenient store management compared to traditional Google forms.

Auto Sync with CRM Systems

Seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp CRM systems to always have the latest customer information.

Auto Confirmation Messages

Automatically respond with confirmation notifications/sales follow-ups

WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

Introduce various buttons on WhatsApp to enhance customer shopping interest

Integrated Online Payment System

Enable immediate online payments, supporting various payment methods, including credit card payments

Conduct Promotional Campaigns

Limit the number of form submissions to execute promotional offers

The combination of three powerful WhatsApp automation features elevates your online business operations to a new level.


24/7 Automated Marketing and CS Assistant


Automated Precision Marketing through Customer Categorization


Immediate Personal Handling to Enhance Customer Experience


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Easily create customized forms linked to WhatsApp CRM, and utilize in conjunction with automated features
Design Customized Forms

Effortlessly create forms and set up automation rules

Send Forms via WhatsApp

Publish via website links for easy sharing on social media/WhatsApp messages

Customer Data Submission

Customers Input Data and Click Submit

Form Data Syncs with WhatsApp

The form feature seamlessly integrates with the CRM system, ensuring up-to-date access to the latest customer information

Complement with WhatsApp Automated Features

Integration of three powerful WhatsApp automation functions

Set Limited Quantity Forms

Flexibly set form quotas, enabling targeted reach to potential customers through time-limited promotions, increasing impulse buying

Integration with 3-Party Tools

Use Zapier to connect WhatsApp with your enterprise’s regularly used applications
One WhatsApp for Easy Shopping, Membership System Creation, Customer Feedback Collection, and Promotion of Offers

Service Appointment Form

Collect customer information and automatically send confirmation messages (including addresses)

Event/Course Registration Form

Create dedicated WhatsApp registration forms to guide customers through the signup process

Limited Quantity Reward Redemption Form

Limit the number of forms, add time-limited coupons and gift promotions

Providing You the Most Convenient Online Business Solutions

Assisting you with all processes, from product browsing and successful payment to subsequent promotions!

Customized WhatsApp Form

Effortlessly create and send customer information forms and feedback surveys. More convenient for store management compared to traditional Google forms

Auto Sync with CRM System

VIMOS WhatsApp Form integrates perfectly with CRM, ensuring up-to-date customer information with immediate data entry synchronization.

WhatsApp Automated message

Automatically respond with confirmation notifications or sales follow-ups after form completion.

Integrated Online Payment Function

Enable immediate online payments upon form completion