WhatsApp Useful Functions: 12 Tips to Provide Unparalleled Service

WhatsApp is the social media platform with the highest penetration rate in Hong Kong. Everyone is inseparable from it, whether for personal or business transactions. In light of this, are you able to utilize every feature of WhatsApp? This article lists 12 WhatsApp useful functions that can be used for both personal and business purposes. […]

3 Ways to Increase the CTR of Your Promotional Messages

Promotional Messages

Any product, regardless of how amazing it is, needs appealing promotional messages to increase the advertising effect. To boost conversion rates, online stores can send promotional messages via Facebook, WhatsApp, and other platforms. Messages can include discount offers, marketing initiatives, product updates, reminders to complete a purchase, and more. Are promotional messages effective? The answer […]

2022 Consumption Voucher: How eCommerce Can Get Ready for Upcoming Business Opportunities

Good news – the second round of Hong Kong’s 2022 consumption vouchers will be distributed on August 7, 2022! Moreover, the original four distribution tools (Tap & Go, Alipay HK, Octopus, and WeChat Pay HK) will be increased to six. Merchants are understandably thrilled upon hearing this announcement. Learning how this plan will benefit merchants, […]

WhatsApp Green Badge – Purpose, Benefits, Eligibility, and Application Process

WhatsApp Green Badge

What does a WhatsApp green tick (Green tick/Green badge) represent? Any reader of this article might have a  similar question: What does the green tick next to WhatsApp and the avatar mean? What purpose does it serve? The green tick/badge, according to WhatsApp, represents an “Official Business Account”. These accounts vouch for their link with […]

5 Benefits of Conversational Commerce to Online Stores

Conversational Commerce According to Statista’s prediction, global spending on conversational commerce channels is expected to increase seven times by 2025, reaching almost $290 billion. Additionally, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated in an Instagram Story that messaging, commerce, and video will be Instagram’s top product feature priority in 2022. Conversational commerce is often referred to as […]

4 Ways to Backup WhatsApp Chats History When Changing Your Mobile Number

WhatsApp Chats

Torn between changing to a new mobile number or not? Most individuals find it difficult to do so, but there will always be times when you must. However, when you change your phone number, how can you back up previous WhatsApp Chat conversations? Currently, WhatsApp formally permits changing the phone number in the personal version […]

3 Benefits of Live Shopping to the Retail Industry

Live shopping

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many people reluctant to purchase in the downtown area, substantially affecting the retail sector. While many brick-and-mortar stores moved online, how can e-commerce stand out among countless competitors? It is preferable to use live-stream shopping to expand your business opportunities. What is live shopping? Live shopping has two models. Products […]

B2B E-commerce: The Secret to Personalized Marketing

B2B E-commerce

Digital transformation is inevitable for established B2C (Business-to-Consumer) businesses. Nonetheless, many B2B Experts are still largely unfamiliar with e-commerce.  Despite the widespread use of mobile devices, the advantages of personalized marketing for all businesses are unparalleled. B2B (Business-to-Business) should therefore follow the trend, enter the e-commerce field, and set the standard for the sector! In […]

8 Benefits and Drawbacks of Live Commerce

live commerce

As online shopping gets more popular, live commerce has become the new focus of online shopping platforms. This approach broadens the scope of online shopping. Wondering if your store is suitable for live streaming? Learn the 8 benefits and drawbacks of live commerce today and get your store ready for the digital age! Live commerce […]