Driving Conversations Through Connecting WhatsApp Business to Facebook and Instagram

Ready to grow your business after setting up your own WhatsApp Business account? Connecting your WhatsApp Business account to Facebook and Instagram will enhance exposure and open up new sales channels! Believe it or not, potential customers are more likely to discover your brand on Facebook and Instagram. The likelihood of this occurring is higher when users are simply browsing through social media. This is contrary to plainly leaving your Whatsapp information on the web. Building a strong customer relationship will be simpler if you switch from Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp during conversations.

What’s in it for you?

Through this article, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram profiles to your WhatsApp Business Account like a pro. Additionally, keeping an eye out for the minor causes of connection failure is also a must!

Linking a WhatsApp Business Account to a Facebook Page

Method 1: Link the account to a Facebook page via WhatsApp Business

Make it simple for customers to contact you by connecting your Facebook page to your WhatsApp Business account. With only one click, customers can directly communicate with your salespeople and send their inquiries.

First and foremost, make sure that your business has a Facebook page. Create a WhatsApp Business account next, and update the aforementioned mobile application to the most recent version. Merchants may follow the steps indicated below when linking a Facebook page.

whatsapp link to facebook and instagram

1. Open the WhatsApp Business app.

2. On Android devices, select More Options. Choose Settings when using an iOS device.

3. Click Business Tools > Facebook and Instagram.

facebook whatsapp connection

4. Tap Facebook > Continue to open the Facebook login page.

5. Enter the login details of your online store’s Facebook account. Hit Sign in.

6. Select the Facebook page you want to link with your WhatsApp Business account. Tap Link WhatsApp. (You will see the option to create a Facebook page if the business is yet to have one.)

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Method 2: Connect to WhatsApp Business via Facebook Page

1.Open the menu icon in the top right corner of your Facebook page and choose “Pages“.

how to add whatsapp button to facebook page

2. Pick your page, then select “Settings” from the menu on the bottom left.

how to add whatsapp button

3. Scroll down after accessing the settings to find the “WhatsApp” option. To sign in to your WhatsApp Business account, click the button and provide your registered number.

facebook manager whatsapp button

4. After connecting your account, click the “Use WhatsApp as action button”.

whatsapp CTA button

5. Once complete, users can connect with your customer support by clicking the WhatsApp icon on your Facebook page.

how to add whatsapp button to facebook page

Method 3: Connecting Your Instagram Account to the WhatsApp Business App

You can also enable a WhatsApp message button by connecting your Instagram Business profile to your WhatsApp Business account. This makes it simpler for customers to contact your business, increasing brand interaction. You can proceed with the procedures below for connection after making the necessary preparations. These include having both an IG Professional Profile and a WhatsApp Business Account, plus updating both apps to the latest version.

Link WhatsApp Business Account to Facebook Page

1.Open the WhatsApp Business app.

2. For Android users, select More Options. Choose Settings when using an iOS device.

3. Select Business Tools > Facebook and Instagram.

link instagram to whatsapp

4. Tap Instagram > Continue to open the Instagram login page.

5. Enter the Instagram login information of your online store. Tap Sign in.

6. You can move on to the following step if you already have an Instagram Pro account. Otherwise, you must upgrade your account type:

  • Click Next.
  • Choose Business or Creator, then tap Next > Next > Next.

7. Confirm account information. Tap Add New > Back to WhatsApp.

When you return to WhatsApp Business, the Facebook and Instagram pages will display your linked Instagram Pro account at the top.

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Possible Reasons for WhatsApp Business Connection Failure with Facebook

Here are a few things to check if you are having problems connecting your WhatsApp Business account to Facebook.

  • You are using the mobile number that is linked to your account in the WhatsApp Business app. A shop cannot be associated with a phone number registered with a personal WhatsApp Messenger App.
  • You are the administrator of your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Your Business Manager account is connected to both your Facebook Page and Catalog.
  • Both the Facebook Page and the Business Manager Catalog’s administrator permissions are available to you.
  • You have successfully registered the phone number linked to your WhatsApp Business account by using the correct authentication code.

How to Promote Your WhatsApp Business Account on Facebook and Instagram

What comes next after you are done connecting your Facebook and Instagram profiles to your WhatsApp Business account? Attracting and connecting with potential customers, plus directing them to WhatsApp for conversations are your main concerns at this point. Below are a few simple Facebook and Instagram ad categories that you can select based on your preferences.

Method 1: Create WhatsApp Messaging Ads on Facebook

Facebook Campaign

Set “Messages” as the Campaign Objective when running Facebook ads. You can link your account to the Send WhatsApp message button to drive advertising traffic there. To promote directly on the post, you may also use the shortcut “Boost Post”.

facebook page whatsapp

1.Create a new post or choose one of your previously published pieces on the Facebook Shop to promote.

2. Click the blue “Boost Post” button after selecting the posts you want to highlight.

3. A popup with numerous options will appear as a result. On the left menu, choose to Send WhatsApp message under the Publish button. The post you want to highlight has a preview on the right.

facebook click to whatsapp ad

4. Set the target demographic, spending limit, and duration for your advertisement. Facebook generally advises running ads for a minimum of four days in order to get the best results. Select the currency you wish to use to make a payment.

5. Tap Boost after you are pleased with the ad parameters.  You will be required to add a payment method now if you are yet to do so. Customers will be able to send you a WhatsApp message once your advertisement has been authorized and published. Direct access to this will be provided via the post’s Send WhatsApp Message button.

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Method 2: Create WhatsApp Messaging Ads on Instagram

instagram whatsapp post

1. In the Contact section of your Instagram business account’s profile settings, enter your WhatsApp Business phone number.

2. Select the article you wish to highlight on your Instagram business account.

3. To access WhatsApp, click the blue Boost Post button, then choose Message.

4. Set a goal, audience, budget, and duration for your ad to help reach your promotion goals.

5. After reviewing your choices and seeing a preview of your advertisement, click “Make your ad”.

6. Once the ad is approved, it will go live within 24 hours.

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Method 3: Use VIMOS to Help You Upgrade WhatsApp Business API

vimos desktop mobile

Retailers care more beyond connecting WhatsApp Business to Facebook and Instagram and successfully driving ad traffic to their WhatsApp accounts. What eCommerce cares most about is how to develop customer relationships, solve consumer problems through conversations, and increase brand loyalty. Online stores can provide customers with better conversational services by upgrading to WhatsApp Business API.

Unsure whether you need to upgrade to the API version, or are unaware of its additional functions? Let VIMOS support you in evaluating your business needs and resolving any difficult issues related to switching to API. Exchange less energy for a greater sales force now!

WhatsApp auto-reply after-sales service without waiting

  • Reduces waiting times, attends to customer issues right away, and dramatically improves customer happiness and loyalty.
  • Chatbot 24/7 to handle after-sales service
  • Automatic messages enable visitors to independently leave relevant information to increase response effectiveness.

Multi-person login to improve work efficiency

  • By designating the most qualified salesperson to handle inquiries whenever they arise, you can get around the bottleneck of customer service. Employees can carry on with business as usual even if they are unavailableMulti-person logins,  let team members take over conversations at any time
  • Real-time tracking of staff workload and conversation quality

WhatsApp broadcast remarketing without manually saving phone numbers

  • Add corresponding tags to guests to personalize messages, improve publicity efficiency and effectiveness, and broadcast in batches with one click
  • Official WhatsApp Business API, reliable and safe from the account being banned
  • Add interactive buttons to broadcast content to improve affiliate promotion
  • Easily gather customer feedback

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