WhatsApp Broadcast Failures: Analysis and 4 Solutions

WhatsApp broadcast

WhatsApp’s broadcast feature is a highly practical business tool that allows sending the same message to different recipients. For instance, during holiday promotions, you can send a message to all your current customers at once! However, sometimes you might encounter issues with receiving or sending WhatsApp broadcasts. How can we resolve this?

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5 Potential Reasons for WhatsApp Broadcast Not Delivered

Here are 5 common reasons why your WhatsApp broadcast messages might fail to send and not reach your customers:

  1. Recipient Has Not Added You to Their Contact List

A significant limitation of WhatsApp’s broadcast feature is that the recipient must have your phone number saved in their contact list. This makes using the broadcast feature for business marketing more challenging. If your broadcast message fails, it’s likely because the recipient hasn’t added you to their contacts.

  1. The recipient’s Phone is Off or the Network is Unstable

If the recipient’s phone is turned off, your WhatsApp broadcast message won’t be sent, leading to a broadcast fail. Similarly, unstable network connections are a common reason for failed message delivery. Check for network issues if you encounter broadcast failures.

  1. Blocked by the Recipient/Customer

If you can’t send messages to a specific recipient through broadcast but can send them to others, you may have been blocked.

  1. Recipient Turned Off Read Receipts

Sometimes, recipients may disable read receipts, making it impossible to confirm if they have received your broadcast message. So, a single tick in WhatsApp broadcast doesn’t necessarily indicate a failed delivery.

  1. Insufficient Phone Storage

Lack of storage, due to an increasing number of installed apps and data, can prevent messages from being sent successfully.

Solving WhatsApp Broadcast Failure Issues

Encountering issues with WhatsApp broadcast doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Here are 3 common solutions:

  1. Business Verification to Avoid Being Blocked

Since businesses need to verify to apply for a WhatsApp Business API account, WhatsApp is less likely to block your account. With business verification, your credibility is higher, reducing the chances of being reported. This also lowers the risk of losing customer data due to permanent account suspension.

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  1. Detect and Address Failures Quickly with WhatsApp API

Use VIMOS WhatsApp API to track the delivery status of your broadcast messages and receive timely information on failed attempts and reasons. This also helps you promptly update and maintain your broadcast list, avoiding repeated failures.

  1. Check Network Connection

Ensure both you and the recipient have stable network connections. Test the connection to confirm there are no issues. Broadcast messages cannot be sent if the recipient’s phone has no service or network connection.

  1. Clear Unused Apps to Free Up Memory

An overload of apps and data can lead to insufficient storage, causing WhatsApp broadcast messages to fail. Regularly clear your phone’s cache to ensure smooth operation of the WhatsApp broadcast feature.


Four Tips to Avoid WhatsApp Broadcast Failures

To reduce the chances of WhatsApp broadcast failures, consider these strategies:

  1. Choose Optimal Sending Times: Send messages when your customers are likely to be available and interested.
  2. Provide Valuable Content: Ensure your messages contain useful information and avoid sending too many irrelevant messages.
  3. Respect Customer Choices: Allow customers to unsubscribe at any time and avoid forcing or deceiving them into receiving messages.
  4. Regularly Update and Maintain Customer Data: Clean your broadcast list of blocked, inactive, or unregistered numbers, and use confirmation messages to verify the validity of customer numbers.
WhatsApp broadcast

Note: WhatsApp Broadcast Failures Do Not Incur Message Fees

WhatsApp only charges for successfully delivered messages, so you won’t waste money on failed messages. However, failed messages consume your time and resources, reducing your broadcast efficiency and quality. Imagine preparing an exciting promotion for 100 customers but only 60 receive your message—it’s disappointing for both your marketing impact and morale.

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