Steps to Set up Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply for Free

Facebook Messenger Auto-reply

According to Hubspot, a well-known CRM software, two-thirds of customers expect a response from an online store within 10 minutes. Therefore if you want to retain them, answering customer inquiries as soon as possible is a must. Otherwise, consumers may readily locate comparable things at other stores in the fiercely competitive online store market. If finally, they believe they do not need your products, you run the danger of losing these customers.

Auto-replies are a great way to respond to customer inquiries quickly. You can interact with them in real-time, and save manpower for replying. Online stores may deploy chatbots for customer assistance using the WhatsApp Business API. Moreover, they can also set up free automatic responses using Facebook Messenger. Read along to discover the types of Facebook Messenger auto-replies and how to set up each!

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Common Types of Facebook Messenger Auto-Replies

There are many types of auto-replies in Facebook Messenger. In addition to custom keyword responses, there are also some preset auto-reply types. The following are common types and examples of automated responses.

Respond to Facebook Post Comments (Inquiries) via Messenger

After users comment a keyword on your post, you can respond to them in Messenger with an auto-reply.

For example, you can set up an auto-reply for “business hours”. When a customer leaves a message asking for “business hours”, a response is automatically sent to the customer in Messenger.

Respond to Facebook Post Comments (Inquiries) via Messenger

Offline Auto-reply Messages:

Respond to all incoming messages automatically while you are offline.

Facebook Messenger Offline Auto-reply Messages

Immediate Reply:

Auto-reply to the first message a user sends to a Facebook page.

Immediate Reply on Facebook Messenger

Inquiry on Business Location Info:

Automatically reply to messages requesting business location details.

Facebook Messenger Auto-reply on an Inquiry on Business Location

Recommended/Not Recommended Facebook Pages:

Send automated messages to people who publicly recommend or dislike your brand.

Recommended Facebook Page Messenger Response
Not Recommended Facebook Page Messenger Response

Received Employment Applications:

Reply to users who apply for jobs posted on your Facebook page.

Received Employment Details Messenger Response

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Steps to Configure Facebook Messenger Auto-replies

You must be an admin, editor, or moderator of your Facebook page before you can set up Facebook Messenger auto-replies. To set up auto-replies, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Facebook section of the Meta Business Suite.

2. Select Inbox.

Meta Business Suite Inbox

3. Click Automations.

Meta Business Suite Automations

4. Select the type of automatic reply.

You can choose the recommended defaults and configure various types of auto-reply messages based on your needs. Types include Away messages, FAQs, contact information, business hours, location, and so on. Follow the configuration instructions for auto-reply messages in the options.

In addition to text, you can customize your automated messages with photos, videos, buttons, and personalized content. This includes the ability to insert user names in a variety of ways. On the right, you can view how the auto-reply will appear. When finished, click the Save button.

Facebook Messenger suggested presets for auto-reply

Likewise, keywords can be customized. Each custom reply can have up to 5 keywords or related phrases, for a maximum of 10 custom replies. When customers use any of these keywords or phrases in a message, they will receive an automatic response.

Facebook Messenger customer keyword suggestions
Sample page with up to 10 custom keywords

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Facebook Messenger auto-reply is extremely useful for online retailers. Not only can it shorten the time customers must wait for a response. It can also automatically filter and process simple customer inquiries, saving the high cost of manual responses.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is the most widely used instant messaging software in Hong Kong, with an 84.3% penetration rate. Therefore, in addition to Facebook Messenger auto-reply, online stores must also configure a customer service chatbot in WhatsApp Business API.

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