VIMOS Custom WhatsApp Form | Top 3 Online Sales Boosters

VIMOS is a one-stop conversational marketing platform. It has recently launched a new customized WhatsApp Form function, which allows you to create and share customized forms and questionnaires on WhatsApp, collect customer information and opinions, and automatically synchronize to WhatsApp CRM system to improve interaction and conversion rates. This tool can help you save time and costs, improve professionalism and customer satisfaction, and increase sales and profits.

WhatsApp Form can help online store owners quickly collect potential customers’ contact information, such as customer name, mobile phone number, email, gender, date of birth, address, payment method, and more.

Share the three most practical application scenarios of WhatsApp Form

Scenario 1: Catering and retail industries promote based on “birthday”

Use VIMOS Customized WhatsApp Form to collect customers’ birthday information and design different promotions based on different months or zodiac signs. Usually leveraging birthdays for promotions can bring you closer to customers, increase their loyalty and repurchase rate, and attract more new customers.

  • Create a “Member Application Form” on VIMOS, including fields such as the customer’s name, mobile phone number, birthday and zodiac sign.
  • You can also use different question types, such as single-choice, multiple-choice, rating, etc., to gain an in-depth understanding of customers in many aspects.
  • After completing the form, generate a QR code or link, then share it with customers on store display or on WhatsApp, and invite them to scan or click to fill out the form and claim the coupon.
  • Merchants can instantly view and manage customers’ contact information and feedback on the VIMOS platform, and automatically synchronize it to the CRM system, and assign contacts to corresponding tags to facilitate sales follow-up and promotion.
WhatsApp Form

Scenario 2: A chain company or company with branches promotes according to “different regions” in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 7-Eleven Convenience stores often have exclusive product discounts at designated branches, such as buy one get one free on new ice cream, half price on the second cup of coffee, etc. If you are an owner or employee of a branch or chain company, you can use VIMOS customized WhatsApp Form to distinguish customers from different regions, so as to send accurate WhatsApp one-click broadcast promotion, to attract more customers to your store.

WhatsApp Form

Scenario 3: Promotion based on “gender difference”

For example, if you are the owner or employee of a clothing or beauty brand, and you hope that new products or clearance products will receive immediate market response and purchase, you can promote your products or services according to different groups of men and women. attraction and conversion rate.

After the customer completes the questionnaire, WhatsApp Chatbot automatically send product purchase links to purchase immediately, all in one go!

WhatsApp Form

VIMOS can provide a one-stop powerful and flexible sales and marketing platform, allowing you to establish more intimate and effective relationships with your customers, and improve your online store performance and competitiveness. If you want to know more about WhatsApp API, please feel free to contact VIMOS!