One-to-One Promotion Channel

WhatsApp is the most commonly used communication software in Hong Kong, offering a new marketing opportunity

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Feature of WhatsApp Broadcast

Upgrade your WhatsApp API through VIMOS and enhance your business marketing growth

No Worries About Being Banned

The VIMOS WhatsApp API is officially certified, reducing the risk of account suspension

One-Click Mass WhatsApp Broadcast

Select appropriate contact tags or import new contacts to create a WhatsApp broadcast list

Create Personalized Promotions

Segment contacts through tagging, create targeted broadcast lists, and send messages to encourage purchases


Automatically tag customer interests based on their conversations, facilitating targeted follow-up promotions

WhatsApp Template Messages

Integrate multimedia/interactive button features to increase customer response rate

Scheduled Messages

Set messages to be sent at designated times, effectively boosting attendance rates

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The most convenient online business management solutions

assisting client with all processes from product browsing, successful payment, to follow-up promotions!

Create Personalized WhatsApp Messages

Integrate with CRM systems to send targeted promotional messages

WhatsApp Interactive Template Messages

Supports various file types including messages, images, buttons, form

Easily Evaluate Promotion Effectiveness

Track key performance indicators

Integrate Promotional Offers with WhatsApp Forms

Easily create forms on the platform

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