What Sets the New WhatsApp Form Apart from Google Form?

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Still using lengthy Google Forms? WhatsApp has got you covered now!

With just a phone, you can create a professional one-stop online store through WhatsApp! Introducing a first in Hong Kong, WhatsApp’s brand-new feature that helps you realize a one-stop WhatsApp online store, boosting your business efficiency and customer satisfaction. This new feature is the “Customizable WhatsApp Forms and Surveys” to collect customer data, opinions, and needs, and design various forms and surveys according to different scenarios and objectives. If you want to use WhatsApp Form features to enhance the professionalism of your online store, keep reading!

What are the benefits of Hong Kong’s pioneering custom WhatsApp Form feature?

The WhatsApp forms and survey functionalities allow you to collect customer data and opinions on WhatsApp. You can design forms and surveys, generate QR codes, and share them with customers. Once filled out, you can view the responses and contact customers on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp forms and surveys offer the following advantages:

  • Easy collection of customer data: Use forms to collect basic customer information like names, phone numbers, emails, or surveys to gather preferences, needs, and satisfaction levels. This helps you better understand your customers and offer more suitable products or services.
  • Automatic synchronization of customer information to CRM systems: After customers complete the forms, their information is automatically categorized and tagged, facilitating precise sales, promotions, and remarketing by merchants.
  • Increased interaction rates: WhatsApp is a highly popular and user-friendly communication app, making customers more likely to open your links and fill out forms or surveys compared to other channels like emails or websites. Plus, you can immediately respond to them on WhatsApp after they complete the forms or surveys, building better relationships and trust.
  • Time and cost savings: You don’t need to spend much time or money designing and sending out forms or surveys. Just follow VIMOS WhatsApp’s detailed instructions to quickly create and share your customized forms or surveys. Also, there’s no need for manual collection and organization of responses, as you can directly view them on WhatsApp and use tools for data analysis and management.

How does VIMOS WhatsApp Form differ from Google Form?

We compare these two tools in terms of functionality, ease of use, and effectiveness, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Both VIMOS WhatsApp Form and Google Form support customized form design!

Both functionalities allow you to collect customer’s basic information and opinions, offering various options and settings such as single-choice, multiple-choice, ratings, text, etc. This lets you flexibly design and manage your forms and surveys, as well as integrate them with CRM systems for analysis and statistics. So, if you need advanced functionalities, you might prefer Google Form.

WhatsApp form

WhatsApp Form is more user-friendly than Google Form, requiring no platform switching!

WhatsApp forms enable you to quickly create and share your forms and surveys through just a few simple steps on WhatsApp! Generate a link or QR code, and then send it to your customers – convenient and fast! Google Form requires logging into a Google account and using Google’s platform for creation, then sharing your forms and surveys through WhatsApp. This could take more time and effort, and customers might be reluctant to open an unfamiliar link or log into a Google account. Therefore, if you need simple and quick one-stop collection, WhatsApp forms and surveys are more suitable.

WhatsApp Form supports instant conversational sales and marketing, outperforming Google Form!

WhatsApp forms make it easier to connect and build relationships with customers, as you can directly receive their responses on WhatsApp, and see their WhatsApp numbers, facilitating further communication and promotion. Moreover, due to the higher interaction rate on WhatsApp, you can get more responses and feedback.

Google Form requires you to collect customer contact details separately and use other channels for communication, possibly reducing intimacy and trust with your customers. Also, due to the lower interaction rate of Google Form, you might receive fewer responses and feedback. Therefore, if you need to enhance professionalism and customer satisfaction, you might lean towards using WhatsApp forms and surveys.

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WhatsApp Form automatically collects customer contact information, offering more business value than Google Form!

WhatsApp Form enables you to conveniently tag each customer and sync their information directly to your WhatsApp CRM, allowing for more precise sales, promotion, and remarketing. WhatsApp Form offers more business value than Google Form as it helps you save time, improve efficiency, enhance customer relationships, and increase conversion rates.

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How can the online retail and service industries cleverly utilize customized WhatsApp forms?

If you’re a beauty salon owner or employee, you can use WhatsApp forms and surveys for appointments, consultations, and satisfaction collection.

  • Use forms for customers to book your beauty services, collect details like names, phone numbers, times, service items, etc., then confirm appointments on WhatsApp and remind them of important notices.
  • Use surveys for customers to provide information about their skin condition, allergies, expected results, etc., and then offer professional advice and solutions on WhatsApp.
  • Additionally, use surveys for customers to rate your beauty services, collect their satisfaction and feedback, and then respond to them on WhatsApp, thanking them for their trust.
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