Case Study: Tako (Hong Kong) Overcomes WhatsApp Blockages

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Tako Development Limited, a prominent player in Hong Kong’s food retail industry, has successfully attracted an increasing number of valuable members through long-term online promotions and offline exhibition activities, now boasting a membership base of over ten thousand. However, they encountered a significant challenge: using WhatsApp’s version for communication was becoming inefficient and unprofessional for their rapidly growing SME. Worse, they faced frequent blockages of their WhatsApp accounts, leading to several serious consequences:

  • Constantly changing phone numbers led to customer distrust.
  • Loss of important customer conversation history, including vital messages, order details, and business-related content, adversely affected customer service and operations.

To foster long-term growth, Tako smartly upgraded to WhatsApp Business API. Utilizing automated features, customized mass messaging, and WhatsApp QRcode, they resolved the account blockage issue. This upgrade allowed customers to receive instant responses on WhatsApp and quickly become members, enhancing marketing and customer service efficiency and achieving consistent customer experiences both online and offline. Let’s delve into how Tako accomplished this:

Tako’s Experience with Five Optimized WhatsApp Features as a WhatsApp API User

[1] Tako (Hong Kong): No More Blocked WhatsApp Accounts!

In a conversation with Tako’s marketing director, Mr. Tsang Sheng, we learned that their customer reports were frequent when using WhatsApp’s personal version. New customers often perceived their messages as irrelevant ads or spam and chose to report them. However, upon applying for WhatsApp API, businesses must register their number and undergo business verification. Meta collects relevant business information for review before activating the API account. Once approved, the business becomes an officially certified commercial account by Meta.

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[2] Sending Targeted WhatsApp Mass Broadcasts to Customers

Previously, customers reported and blocked accounts due to receiving too many unsolicited promotional messages. To prevent this, Tako implemented an effective promotion strategy through VIMOS’s mass messaging function, ensuring a reasonable frequency of messages related to customer interests, directly improving the ad open rate to 60%.

Tako added an “Unsubscribe” custom button to each mass promotional broadcast to better understand customer interests and respect those who expressed disinterest in receiving similar messages. Since adopting this method, Tako has not received any customer reports in a year!

WhatsApp broadcast

[3] Customers Easily Become Members by Scanning the WhatsApp QRcode

Tako frequently participates in food expos and fairs, attracting about 100 new members daily. Previously, they required customers to manually fill out forms, which was cumbersome and error-prone. Now, Tako uses 「WhatsApp QRcode」 at exhibitions, allowing customers to scan and instantly become members, receiving confirmation messages from Tako. This streamlined the membership process, reduced human error, and allowed Tako to receive numerous new member registrations in just a few hours.

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[4] Providing 24/7 Customer Service Through WhatsApp API’s Automated Reply Feature

With WhatsApp Business API’s automated reply feature, Tako set up a chatbot to automatically answer common questions and provide basic support, such as product offline selling points and membership procedures. This automated system greatly improved customer satisfaction and saved the customer service team 50% of their time and resources.

WhatsApp autoreply

[5] Saving Important Conversation Records to Provide Better Customer Service

When using WhatsApp’s personal version, Tako often lost important conversation records, making it difficult to provide personalized customer service and track customer needs. Now, as a WhatsApp Business API user, they can automatically save all conversation records, including order details and customer interests. This ensures they no longer worry about lost conversations, better understand customer needs, offer better solutions, and provide an improved customer service experience.

What’s the Most Surprising Feature?

Their favorite features are the automated replies and interactive buttons, especially the ability to add an “Unsubscribe” button in messages, quickly and effectively filtering out uninterested customers, saving the team from spending time and effort on these customers.

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About Tako, Hong Kong

Established in 2006, Tako is dedicated to introducing quality food, beverage, and health product brands from around the world to the Hong Kong, Macau, and China markets. Over the years, they have continually sourced quality products, establishing an extensive sales network, including exclusive online shopping sites, Sasa, Mannings, 7-Eleven, Sogo Department Store, and other retail outlets.

Tako is committed to meeting customers’ needs, supplying quality food and beverages, promoting quality customer service, enhancing the supply process, and improving service quality and efficiency.

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