Kelly’s Education Case Study: Boost Sales by 60% with WhatsApp API


In professional industries, the skill level of salespeople, the timeliness of customer service, and the speed of follow-up play a crucial role in shaping new and existing customers’ perceptions of products or services. These factors directly impact the sales cycle, difficulty, and conversion rate. Similarly, the effectiveness of each promotional effort significantly affects the quality and quantity of new inquiries.

The Hong Kong education sector serves as a prime example. In its early stages, Kelly’s Education shifted from traditional email to WhatsApp Business for direct online communication with customers. But, as their business and team rapidly expanded, what challenges and pain points did they encounter?

  • Increasing Customer Inquiries:

Due to Kelly’s Education’s growing popularity, they needed to handle over 180 customer inquiries daily. This was a significant challenge for their roughly 20-person sales and customer service team, calling for more efficient internal management and customer service.

  • Limitations of WhatsApp Business:

The free WhatsApp Business app, while offering a convenient communication method, presented several issues. These ranged from internal management challenges to potential customer loss, necessitating a more personalized and comprehensive solution.

Faced with these issues, Kelly’s Education urgently sought the best solution! They considered upgrading to WhatsApp API, and exploring various service providers. Their breakthrough came with an offline lecture event, where they utilized the broadcast feature of VIMOS WhatsApp API, achieving an impressive 65.02% click-through rate and 10.66% response rate. This satisfying performance led them to choose VIMOS as their long-term loyal partner. But why?


Challenges with WhatsApp Business

While using WhatsApp Business, Kelly’s Education had to manage customers using 7 different phone numbers to enable over 20 frontline staff to respond, as the app supports a maximum of 4 devices logged in simultaneously. This posed significant management challenges for the institution’s directors. Here’s why:

[1] Low Dialogue Transparency and Possible Record Loss:

With WhatsApp Business, there was a lack of dialogue transparency and a potential loss of conversation records. This made it difficult for managers to ensure accurate responses from colleagues, especially when handling customer complaints or unsuccessful transactions.

[2] Inability to Quickly Assign and Unify Conversational Contacts:

Managing 7 phone numbers and the inevitable issues like staff changes or absences, led to inefficiencies and customer complaints, and loss due to the inability to quickly assign inquiries and maintain consistency in conversation contacts.

[3] Frequent Account Blockage:

The use of WhatsApp Business often led to account blockages due to various reasons, causing significant losses for the company.

VIMOS’s Solutions:

[1] Automatic Backup of All Conversations:

With VIMOS WhatsApp API, all staff could reply to customers using a single phone number, with conversations automatically backed up for easy tracking and analysis.

[2] One-Click Customer Inquiry Distribution:

This feature ensured consistent responses and resolved customer confusion, allowing for seamless staff substitutions and efficient conversation tracking.

[3] Official Business Green Tick Application:

With the official green tick from WhatsApp, Kelly’s Education avoided account blockages and enhanced their credibility and professional image.

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Kelly’s Education’s Experience with WhatsApp API:

Facing account blockage issues with WhatsApp Business, particularly during promotional activities, they switched to WhatsApp API. They found VIMOS’s broadcast feature more user-friendly and efficient. For instance, during their 4th Global Children’s Competition, they targeted customers accurately with WhatsApp customized tags, adding three interactive buttons for easy responses and registrations from parents.

The Most Impressive Feature?

Auto replies and interactive buttons significantly improved response speed and accuracy, allowing sales and customer service staff more time to provide personalized, professional support, boosting customer satisfaction and sales conversion rates.

Describing VIMOS in One Sentence

Through VIMOS, the sales process has been pushed to a higher standard, eliminating a lot of manual response work and improving the accuracy of responses. After that, I want to try using the WhatsApp Pay function to directly collect tuition fees. – Bobo, General Manager

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About Kelly’s Education

Founded in 2018 in Hong Kong, Kelly’s Education operates 6 global offices, dedicated to providing tailor-made online English and Mandarin learning experiences for children. Their platform brings together talented individuals worldwide, offering high-quality teaching for children at home. Believing in each child’s uniqueness, they ensure a personalized and unforgettable learning journey with impeccable 4:1 service – an academic advisor, course consultant, native teacher, and assistant.

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