WhatsApp Green Badge – Purpose, Benefits, Eligibility, and Application Process

WhatsApp Green Badge

What does a WhatsApp green tick (Green tick/Green badge) represent?

Any reader of this article might have a  similar question: What does the green tick next to WhatsApp and the avatar mean? What purpose does it serve? The green tick/badge, according to WhatsApp, represents an “Official Business Account”. These accounts vouch for their link with a reputable company. WhatsApp wants its users to feel more trustworthy and secure while talking with companies on the platform. Due to the green badge, customers are aware that they are conversing with a verified official business account.

However, bear in mind that not all businesses using WhatsApp Business API can display a green badge. Without the official API, merchants will not be provided with this verification display. WhatsApp has two different certification systems, and API merchants can apply for a green badge after meeting Facebook’s approval conditions. Read along if you are interested to know more!

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Differences Between WhatsApp Business Accounts

On WhatsApp, there are two kinds of business accounts: the official business account indicated above, and an unofficial business account. What key distinctions exist between the two accounts?

  • Official Business Accounts: These are mostly well-known brands’ API business accounts that WhatsApp has certified. Customers can view their identities even if they are yet to add the business to their address book. Only businesses with official Whatsapp Business API accounts are qualified to submit an application for Green Badge.

Official WhatsApp Business Account

  • Unofficial Business Accounts:  Merchants do not need a business license to create an account on the free WhatsApp Business product. Yet, the smart features they access are not that advanced. The chat page only shows their phone number to the customers. But nevertheless, the company name is displayed in a smaller font in the business profile.

Unofficial WhatsApp Business Account

Still unclear what personal, unofficial, and official WhatsApp Business API accounts are? The comparison table below is another resource you can use.

personal, unofficial, and official WhatsApp Business API accounts comparison

Benefits of Having a WhatsApp Green Badge for Merchants

To be eligible for a green badge, an online store must first sign up for an official WhatsApp Business API account. Meanwhile, what good does it do for an online store to apply for official certification and a green badge? Here are the five advantages of having a WhatsApp Verified Official Business Account:

(1) The business will be regarded as a trustworthy brand.

(2) The business name will get a green badge next to it to signify that the account is trustworthy and authentic.

(3) Brings more opportunities to the company, such as higher customer engagement and conversion rates.

(4) Customers’ reservations about merchants will diminish as a result of increased comfort when engaging with accounts that have the Green Badge.

(5) Merchants can enjoy the top features of WhatsApp Business API. One of the notable features is unlimited daily broadcasts, allowing businesses to send a large number of messages to different customers every day.

Eligibility to Apply for a WhatsApp Green Badge Certification

After reading the benefits listed above, are you considering applying for the green badge? To apply for certification as an official WhatsApp certified merchant, the following requirements must be satisfied.

(1) The WhatsApp API account must be verified by a verified business by Facebook.

(2) Two-Step Account Authentication (2FA) must be active.

(3) The company needs to have a certain reputation and a brand or entity with high search frequency.

(4) The application must be submitted under the company’s name. Additionally, for the time being, individual user applications are not supported.

(5) Make sure the other entity is Facebook-certified if you utilize a third-party business solution provider (BSP). 

(6) It is advised that the account be Tier 2 or higher because it transmits a certain number of corporate communications. 10,000 messages can be received at this level each day.

Additionally, some business categories are not eligible to apply for green badges because they are unable to use WhatsApp API accounts. These industries include drugs, cigarettes, gambling, alcohol, live animals, adult products and services, guns and ammunition, dating services, and cryptocurrency.

The Process of Applying for a WhatsApp Green Badge Certification

The merchant can begin to apply for an official WhatsApp business account if it has become an API user and satisfies the requirements listed above. Following the processes listed below, merchants can submit an application on their own. A Business Solution Provider (BSP) will, however, handle the procedure if the account is administered by such.

(1) Access direct support on your Meta Business Manager.

(2) Click the “Ask a Question” button in the upper right corner.

(3) Select WABiz: Request your official business account status and fill in all necessary information.

(4) Following the application, you can access the Meta Business Manager direct support to verify the certification status. Within 1-2 business days to a week, WhatsApp will typically let you know the results of the review. If your application is denied, don’t worry; you can reapply after 30 days.

Just a friendly reminder to make sure your company name is identical on the website and the Business Registration Certificate before submitting an application. Otherwise, you might not be able to convince Facebook that you are a legitimate business and get the approval.

Furthermore, only a small percentage of merchants are often accepted because WhatsApp has extremely high application requirements for the green badge. While using WhatsApp Business API, you may still take advantage of all of the powerful features even if there isn’t a “green tick”.

Are you concerned that your documents are incomplete or that the application is too complex? Worried that your requirements are flawed in a way that prevents you from passing the WhatsApp review? You may seek assistance with your Green Badge application via 360dialog, VIMOS Business Solution Provider!

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How can VIMOS help you apply for WhatsApp Official API?

Unlock more functions for your online store or better yet, apply for a WhatsApp Green Badge! Upgrading to a WhatsApp Business API account can improve your business and bridge the communication gap with customers.

Customers only need to provide a phone number that can receive SMS messages, the company website, and Facebook Business Page. Subsequently, VIMOS can assist you with updating your phone to the WhatsApp Business API.

Use VIMOS to develop WhatsApp marketing opportunities:

  • Choose officially approved API providers
  • Stable connection to WhatsApp conversations
  • Add upgrade function to strengthen the sales force
  • Multi-user interface to improve efficiency
  • Access chats by simply logging into the VIMOS website and app

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