WhatsApp Newsletter vs Email Marketing

Is there another way to stay in touch with your potential consumers besides putting all of your efforts into social media ads? Can potential customers become patrons without spending a lot of money on advertising? We will give you a new marketing tool – WhatsApp Newsletter.

Thanks to the rise of instant messaging software, Newsletter marketing is no longer limited to email. Moreover, this marketing initiative can also be done on other channels such as WhatsApp. Many business owners have a myth that WhatsApp is only for handling customer service. Indeed, many of America’s top entrepreneurs and marketers are developing a WhatsApp newsletter system and perform far more than EDM.

Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing (EDM) was once one of the best ways of digital marketing . In 2021, up to 320 billion emails were sent globally each day. While many argue that email is obsolete, it remains a communication channel with a large number of active users. It’s a quick and low-cost way to reach customers, plus it also helps brands create personalized and targeted messages.

Email marketing remains to have the following advantages:

  • Lower cost when compared to other marketing methods
  • Allows sending of personalized and targeted messages
  • Enhances interaction with customers
  • Connects with high-quality leads

What is WhatsApp Newsletter?

Marketers used to employ newsletters to send engaging promotional messages to potential customers. Messages are sent to leads’ email addresses in order to boost sales and website traffic. With the rise of instant messaging software, e-newsletters are no longer limited to emails. Seemingly, e-newsletters can now be distributed through platforms such as WhatsApp. The content of WhatsApp Newsletters can include

  • Special promotions
  • Member benefits
  • Products’ images or videos
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Related News and Updates

WhatsApp newsletters not only include the benefits of email marketing, but also allow users to customize messages and improve customer interaction. According to data, the average reading rate of WhatsApp newsletters exceeds 90%, while email marketing is only 21.5%. Furthermore, WhatsApp Newsletters have a tenfold higher clickthrough rate than EDM (3% CTR).

Using WhatsApp Broadcast effectively delivers newsletters to the platform. Business owners only need to add the contacts to the broadcast list and compose the message content. The sender can then use WhatsApp to simultaneously send a large number of messages to the contacts on the list. However, the contact will be unaware of his inclusion on the broadcast list, which is necessary to facilitate one-on-one interactions.

Want to know more about WhatsApp newsletters?

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WhatsApp Newsletter VS Email Marketing


WhatsApp Newsletter

Email Marketing

Open Rate

more than 98%


Click Rate



Can customer inquiries be handled instantly?

WhatsApp auto-reply feature


Can I send personalized messages?






Multimedia support

Supports text, PDF files, videos, pictures

Most platforms only support images, text, and GIF files

Unique Benefits of WhatsApp Newsletter

  • Engagement on WhatsApp can make brands more intimate
  • Customers feel the human side of the brand
  • Businesses owners can use WhatsApp’s auto-reply feature to handle customer inquiries and increase customer service efficiency.
  • WhatsApp is more convenient than email, and customers can check the company’s services instantly by using the list button function.

Consider VIMOS’s education center customer, whose EDM Open Rate is only 20%. However, after using WhatsApp to promote the e-newsletter, the Open Rate increased threefold to 75.2 percent! Furthermore, the reading volume can reach 1311 times.

How can a business start a WhatsApp Newsletter?

Creating a WhatsApp newsletter is not the same as email marketing. Customers will simply unsubscribe if you plan to copy the content of your email marketing to WhatsApp. They may even complain to WhatsApp about your spam messages, resulting in the suspension of your account. Simply follow the three steps below to learn how to effectively use the WhatsApp Business API function. Create an effective newsletter, and let WhatsApp bring you an endless stream of customers to help your business grow!


Post interesting news to potential customers via WhatsApp broadcasts on a regular basis to entice them to reply back. Your recipients will then be encouraged to subscribe to your newsletter. Examples of broadcast content include

  • Free consultation
  • Industry information
  • Free lectures
  • E-books
  • Tips for peak season discount
  • Assigning labels to contacts

If the customer is interested in the information you provide and requests it, you can add a label to the contact. “Korean makeup,” for example, indicates that the contact is interested in Korean makeup, and so on.

Enabling auto-replies

Following label classification, various product promotion messages can be sent to customers with diverse needs.

VIMOS users can customize their WhatsApp newsletters and easily establish a close connection with their customers! Contact a VIMOS Specialist now and book a 15-minute product demo for FREE. There is no perfect time like the present to start your journey to business growth!