VIMOS Retail Solution

Empower your customers online | Boost retail sales instantly

Let your customers buy with confidence via Autoreply and Live shopping. Build your unique online shopping experience.

Why Vimos

Whatsapp Autoreply

Multi-person login

WhatsApp Broadcast Retargeting

Live shopping

WhatsApp Autoreply
Let customers wait no more

Take care of customers’ enquiries instantly. Reduce waiting time and cart abandonment, complete transection instantly! 

Increase efficiency with
multi-person login

Break through customer service bottlenecks, assign available staff members to take over conversations anytime.  Manage CRM as a team remotely!

Automate WhatsApp Broadcast in bulk,
without saving a single number.

Manage your customer contacts with tags and reach a broader audience with personalized broadcast messages. Scale up your promotional strategies in one click now.

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vimos video call
vimos video call

Live Shopping
Let customers purchase high consideration products with confidence

Engage with customers and Know your customers instantly with one-to-one interaction. Showcase and highlight featured products in detail. Build your customers’ trust online.