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Canvas Sweet, a specialist oil painting shop in Hong Kong, was established in 2012, offering customised wedding, family, and children’s oil paintings. Faced with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, market changes, and the limitations of offline operations, Canvas Sweet opted for VIMOS’s WhatsApp Shop solution, successfully achieving digital transformation.

Problem :

The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted offline sales, altering customer habits and preferences. More customers chose to purchase products and services online, seeking a more convenient and secure shopping experience. Canvas Sweet urgently needed to accelerate digital transformation but lacked sufficient manpower and knowledge of digital marketing.

Our Solutions

After consulting with VIMOS’s experts, the client adopted VIMOS’s WhatsApp Shop feature:

Interactive Catalogue

Allows customers to clearly understand business information and browse products anytime, anywhere.

Automated 24/7 Customer Response

Automates sales and customer service processes, quickly responding to customer inquiries.

In-Chat Payments

Enables secure transactions within WhatsApp, improving purchase conversion rates.

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Your Ultimate Retail Management Solution

From product display and online payments to customer support and post-sale marketing, VIMOS x WhatsApp covers it all.

Shopping Inquiries - WhatsApp Profile and Interactive Catalogue

24/7 Customer Service helps you answer customer queries and meet their needs anytime, all the time.

Customer Management - Automatic CRM Synchronisation

VIMOS’s WhatsApp form feature perfectly integrates with CRM systems, keeping customer information up-to-date with real-time data synchronization.

Communication Management - Collaborative WhatsApp Handling

VIMOS' Automated Conversation Assignment directs conversations to designated customer service representatives for immediate professional support.

Automated Confirmation Messages - Precise WhatsApp Notifications

VIMOS' automated notifications feature helps you automatically send confirmation messages to customers via WhatsApp.

Targeted Promotions - Automated WhatsApp Marketing

Our Interest-Based Tagging system utilizes shopping options and customer tags to automatically push suitable products to your users through WhatsApp.

Free Download

2023 Comprehensive Guide to WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

This e-book will guide you through:

  • The Six Steps of WhatsApp Selling
  • Implementing Automated Sales and Conversation Management with WhatsApp
  • Three Key Techniques for Building Brand Image and CRM Effortlessly
  • Sharing the Most Effective Facebook Ad Formats

Enable WhatsApp Online Payments

Customers can choose from multiple payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap & Go, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and credit cards, completing transactions in just a few steps.

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