Finding Facebook Business Manager for Beginners

Facebook Business Manager makes it easy for online retailers to centrally manage pages, advertising accounts, etc. Using an enterprise management platform is advised even for a one-person-operated online store. Online retailers, however, find it challenging to access its management platform settings once they have created an account. This article will outline three approaches and show you how to access the FB Business Manager settings step-by-step.

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Accessing Facebook Business Manager Settings Through the Store’s Account

This approach works well for accessing a firm’s Facebook account.

1. Click “Meta Business Suite” on the homepage of your Facebook account.

Facebook business Meta Business Suite

2. Select “Settings” from the menu on the bottom left of the Meta Business Suite page.

Meta Business Suite Settings

3. You can choose “More Business Settings” after heading to the settings page.

Facebook Business Meta Business Suite - more business settings

Entering Facebook Business Manager Settings with the Admin Login

This approach is appropriate for users whose administrator login is also used for employees or Facebook Business Manager.

1. Click “Ads Manager”.

Facebook Business ad manager

2. Select the three horizontal lines (all tools) in the upper left corner upon arriving at the Ads Manager page. After that, click “Business Settings“.

business settings

Accessing Facebook Business Manager Settings Using a Personal Login

This method is applicable to a Facebook user whose login account is the administrator of the Meta Business Manager 

1. Click “Business Manager“.

facebook business manager

2. When you reach the Business Manager page, click the three horizontal lines (all tools) in the top left corner. Afterward, choose “Business Settings”.


facebook business settings
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Finding Facebook Business Manager for Beginners