WhatsApp Marketing Engages More Customers

WhatsApp Marketing

There are numerous ways for businesses to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and grow their brand. Email marketing, paid advertising, and traditional television commercials are all examples of business campaigns. Despite the abundance of strategies available, reaching customers in novel and creative ways remains a challenge.

WhatsApp is a relatively new advertising platform. Nevertheless, since WhatsApp now has over 2 billion active users, businesses should consider using it when communicating with customers. Many firms, even small businesses, are taking advantage of WhatsApp’s reach and potential. This article will show you how to create an engaging WhatsApp marketing strategy that will earn your customers’ trust and loyalty in 2 powerful ways!

WhatsApp Marketing Success Examples

There are many WhatsApp marketing examples, but two of the most well-known and successful are:

1. Unilever promotes a new laundry detergent line.

Unilever, a global consumer goods company, put up thousands of posters and WhatsApp numbers on the streets. After people send a message, a WhatsApp chatbot named “MadameBot” responds with tips on how to care for their clothes. MadameBot uses the opportunity to promote Unilever’s new products at the same time.

Customers who engage with Madamebot receive 50% off new products and free shipping at the end of the interaction. 290,000 messages were sent and received in total, and the company’s sales increased 14-fold during this time.

Successful example of WhatsApp marketing campaign - Unilever promotes new laundry detergent and laundry detergent range
Image credit: MessengerPeople )

2. Hellman’s WhatsCook engages customers in an interactive experience

To sign up for WhatsCook, users must first enter their WhatsApp number on the website. They’ll get a message from a real chef asking them to send a picture of the ingredients in the refrigerator. After that, the chef sends out recipes based on the ingredients. Users can even watch and follow pictures and videos of each step of the recipe, as sent by the chefs.

The WhatsApp marketing campaign ultimately reached over 5 million people, with a 50% user registration rate on the website.

A Successful Example of a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign - Hellman's WhatsCook Engages Customers in an Interactive Experience
(Image credit: Karix )

Getting Customers to Contact Businesses is the First Step in WhatsApp Marketing.

You can directly interact with customers using the two successful examples of WhatsApp marketing, regardless of what business you’re in. Customers use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses, which is something that both successful examples have in common.

You can convert your WhatsApp phone number into a WhatsApp Link or QR code when creating a WhatsApp marketing campaign. Get that in campaign ads and leaflets to allow people to chat with you through a single tap or swipe. This way, you can also get your customers’ contact information, which you can use to remarket to them.

Brands cannot call or message a private phone number to promote their brand unless they have the customer’s explicit consent. Here are some non-obtrusive ways to get permissions from customers:

  • Offer discounts to users who subscribe to your phone list
  • At checkout, politely inquire if customers want to be notified via WhatsApp.
  • Explain all of the advantages of using WhatsApp for communication in a clear and concise manner
  • Continue to promote your availability on WhatsApp through other channels

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Re-engage with Customers with WhatsApp Remarketing

If the customer does not respond within 24 hours, the firm sends a Template Message to try to reconnect. Businesses will then be charged a fee for having the conversation. So, whether you’re making your first or second contact with a customer, you can use Call to Action Buttons. The customer will then be enticed to continue the conversation by these buttons.

What kind of call-to-action button can attract customers?

A call-to-action button that makes customers willing to press is what counts as appealing. Enterprises can review previous customer query conversations, combine some frequently asked questions, and provide relevant answers in clear, eye-catching speech. Customers can see corresponding solutions at the touch of a button, and resolve their questions instantly. For instance, after informing the customer that there are several series of oil painting frames to choose from, customers can choose to request the frame number and size for a quotation.

WhatsApp call-to-action buttons
WhatsApp Chatbot

Customers don’t have to wait for your response, thanks to the WhatsApp Business API’s keyword auto-reply, which saves them time. Furthermore, this function makes it simple for you to deal with the first layer of customer questions.

WhatsApp Business API keyword auto-reply

At the same time, keep an eye out for automated reply bots in customer conversations. This will help you recognize situations that may require human intervention, as well as gain a better understanding of your customer’s perspective.

Responding to a customer’s conversation should be as personal as if you were conversing with a friend. Similar to Hellman’s WhatsCook, customers are given recipes based on their existing ingredients.

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What’s next?

Conversational Marketing on WhatsApp allows you to communicate directly with your customers, with massive benefits. While WhatsApp marketing can also be done on the free WhatsApp Business app, it offers limited functionality. The WhatsApp Business API, on the other hand, provides more versatile features to help you improve your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

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