Click-to-WhatsApp Ads: Instant Chat and Payment Guide

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​​To forge a direct and valuable relationship between businesses and customers on WhatsApp, it’s essential to encourage customers to initiate contact on WhatsApp, as businesses cannot start conversations proactively. To achieve this, businesses need to attract people “from the outside” to their WhatsApp services. A highly effective and scalable approach is to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

With the rise in Facebook and Instagram advertising costs in 2022 and the limitations imposed by Apple and Google on third-party data tracking, how can brands personalize advertising in the future? VIMOS reveals that Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook ads are the breakthrough, offering brands a way to collect first-party data while establishing direct conversations with customers.

What are Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook Ads?

Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook ads are a type of Click-to-Message ad format on Facebook. They direct new customers to the WhatsApp messaging platform to interact with the brand through a call-to-action button.

Previously, customers had to save a merchant’s phone number to their contacts to connect with a brand on WhatsApp. Now, by clicking on a Click to WhatsApp ad, they are automatically taken to the WhatsApp message page, simplifying the contact process and enhancing sales opportunities.

VIMOS x Click-to-WhatsApp Ads: 4 Major Business Advantages and Values

Brands using VIMOS WhatsApp Shop’s automated marketing system in conjunction with Click to WhatsApp ads can benefit in several ways:

Advantage 1: Triple Reduction in Customer Acquisition Costs, Boosting Ad ROI

Brands using Click to WhatsApp ads can save on customer acquisition costs. This ad format directly guides customers to WhatsApp to build trust and relationships with the brand, thereby increasing conversion rates and sales. According to Facebook data, brands using Click to WhatsApp ads can achieve a 4.5x return on investment and a 10% growth rate.

A real VIMOS example showed that using the same ad content in two different ad formats – Click to WhatsApp ads and the common Facebook Lead Form ads – yielded more leads in just one week with Click to WhatsApp ads than two weeks with Lead Form ads. Surprisingly, the customer acquisition cost was “three times lower” for Click to WhatsApp!

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Advantage 2: Automated Collection of First-Party Data and Expansion of Potential Customer Database

On WhatsApp, customers control the conversation and privacy, making them more willing to contact brands directly and share personal information. With Click to WhatsApp ads, brands can collect customer data, such as names, phone numbers, purchase intentions, and website behavior, through customizable WhatsApp Forms and store this data in CRM systems for retargeting ads or personalized services.

Advantage 3: Increase Conversion Rates and Sales with Automated 24/7 Conversational Marketing

Click to WhatsApp ads can be your strongest marketing strategy for capturing every customer who initiates contact. Brands can start conversations on VIMOS WhatsApp, providing instant and personalized replies, product recommendations, and purchase guidance through 24-hour chatbots or human customer service, thereby increasing conversion rates and sales.

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Advantage 4: Enhance Brand Awareness, Reputation, and Customer Loyalty

Brands using Click to WhatsApp ads can attract new customers and maintain contact with existing ones, offering better after-sales service and care. Brands can address issues, collect feedback, send coupons, and push new products on WhatsApp, thus increasing customer loyalty and brand reputation.

A concrete example is the Indian travel agency MakeMyTrip, which used Click to WhatsApp ads to improve customer service levels and efficiency, providing instant travel information and solutions through chatbots. The result was a 50% customer satisfaction rate and 30% cost savings.

How to Set Up Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook Ads?

Step 1: To create Click to WhatsApp ads on Facebook, brands first need to set up a WhatsApp Business account and link it to a Facebook page or Business Manager. VIMOS offers free consultations to help with immediate registration!

Step 2: Then, brands can choose one of three advertising objectives to create Click to WhatsApp ads: Engagement, Traffic, or Sales.

Step 3: In ad settings, select WhatsApp as the conversion location and choose the relevant Facebook page or WhatsApp number.

Step 4: Next, choose the ad format and content, and create a flow to predefine the message template and common questions customers will send when contacting the brand.

Step 5: Finally, publish the ad and track its effectiveness.

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