Optimize Customer Data with WhatsApp Inquiry Forms for Services

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In Hong Kong, professional service sectors such as legal, psychological, educational, beauty, and medical increasingly use WhatsApp as their primary communication channel with customers. However, traditional WhatsApp conversation methods pose several problems and challenges, affecting the efficiency and quality of professional services and reducing customer satisfaction and trust. For example:

  • Long waiting times for customer replies
  • Wastage of human resources
  • Difficulty in collecting and managing customer data and requirements
  • Low customer conversion rates

To address these issues, VIMOS WhatsApp Customer Inquiry Forms have emerged. Utilizing WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Chatbot technology, we provide an automated, intelligent, and interactive conversational marketing solution for the professional service industry.

Once customers open a WhatsApp chat, VIMOS WhatsApp automatically replies to common queries by setting keywords and templates, guiding customers to open a WhatsApp form to fill in their basic information and needs, and arranging for professionals to follow up and market. This saves time and human resources, improves conversion rates and satisfaction, and creates more business opportunities and value.

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Case Study 1: If you are a law firm offering free legal consultations:

WhatsApp form

Case Study 2: If you are a psychology clinic offering psychological consultations:

WhatsApp form

After customers complete the form, they automatically receive confirmation and thank-you messages

After completing the consultation form, businesses can set up automated replies for reminder notifications, so customers promptly receive confirmation and thanks from the business after completing the consultation form. This lets customers feel the professionalism and care of the business, increasing their trust and loyalty, and promoting communication and cooperation between the business and the customer.

Reminder Notification: Thank you for using our free legal/psychological consultation service. We have received your consultation information and will arrange for a suitable lawyer/psychologist to contact you as soon as possible. Please keep your WhatsApp open, thank you!

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WhatsApp Consultation Form Backend Customer Data Management CRM System

After customers complete the consultation form, the system automatically sends their information and needs to the business’s backend management system, making it easier for businesses to arrange for lawyers to follow up.

Businesses can view customer information and needs in the backend management system, and assign and transfer customers to different lawyers. This improves the work efficiency and quality of the business, increases customer conversion rates and satisfaction, and creates more business opportunities and value.

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