Ahead is Christmas… Do you want to take advantage of the holiday season’s peak sales and boost store performance? Pay attention to the counsel of a Chinese billionaire who built his company with the ideals of advertising. Jason Jiang Nanchun will share marketing tips with you on how to make your products stand out from the crowd!

“Good advertisements are all the same, but bad advertisements are different in their own way.” – Jason Jiang Nanchun, founder of Focus Media.

Jason Jiang Nanchun and Focus Media

The largest provider of offline advertising solutions in China is Focus Media, with Jiang Nanchun as the founder and CEO. Over 200+ cities receive 500+ million impressions per day from Focus’ elevator advertising. This makes it China’s top marketing medium for raising brand awareness. In addition, Jason received a prestigious award from China Advertising magazine in 2011 for his 30-year contribution to Chinese advertising.

In just three simple sentences, Nanchun defined the caliber of advertisements as follows:

Jason also has a collection of “advertising syllogisms” that explain how to create effective advertisements. Your products become more homogenized when you run an online store. For instance, sushi is sold by both you and the sushi restaurant. Clear?

Jason Marketing Tips: Make your product unique and specific.

Selling points for product uniqueness must be present in an effective advertisement if salespeople are to convince customers to make a purchase. The four main directions listed below can help you differentiate products effectively:

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Jason Marketing Tips: Establish Customer Trust Through Different Ways

A new brand must first gain consumer trust if it hopes to take hold of their minds. In fact, gaining customer trust is a major issue for SMEs and new businesses. This is because they lack the massive advertising budgets of bigger corporations, as highlighted in our previous article. A buyer is always filled with uncertainties even if he is interested in your product. He won’t be permitted to place an order until we alleviate these worries. You will learn how to begin from one of the three directions below.

The book cover typically has celebrity endorsements, reviews, and best-seller lists to foster trust.

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Jason Marketing Tips: Keep it simple.

Simply said, it involves telling users about your advantages upfront. Being straightforward and basic is crucial. Utilize less space when describing the advantages you may offer users and focus more on their problems.

Take VIMOS as an example. It is preferable to reduce customer waiting times compared to big data marketing, auto-reply, and mass broadcasting. You can five-fold your turnover, speak with tens of thousands of customers each day, and offer round-the-clock customer service.

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2023 Marketing Trends

Say you currently have a great advertisement. Which platform must you promote on, is the question? Facebook? Google? Instagram? TikTok?

Advertising and content by themselves are no longer sufficient to keep full spenders in the face of escalating traffic rivalry. Is there a new source of traffic in addition to greater advertising investment?

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As e-commerce becomes more popular, an increasing number of customers are starting to shop online. Similarly, online customer service has become an important factor in retaining consumers. Businesses are evermore using WhatsApp and Messenger to handle online inquiries.

Chatbots with automated responses have the potential to improve customer service processing efficiency while lowering operating costs. Previously, customer service departments were required to be available 24/7; however, they now solely rely on WhatsApp chatbots to handle customer inquiries.

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What is Advertising Syllogism?

  1. Make your product unique and specific.
  2. Establish Customer Trust Through Different Ways
  3. Keep it simple.