E-commerce Trends: 3 Ways To Eliminate Customers’ Objections

Building customer trust is a significant challenge for e-commerce, SMEs, and new businesses that lack the massive advertising resources of large corporations. Although customers are interested in your products, it is normal for them to have doubts or reservations. Typically, they will only be convinced to place an order only after all of their concerns are addressed.


VIMOS aims to provide digital marketing insights to businesses. Learn 3 new tips to earn the trust of your customers as you read along this article!

Flex your sales

Customers are more likely to purchase best-selling items. Many brands, for example, claim that their products or services are “Number 1” in a specific functional area. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to provide accurate figures so that customers can trust your brand.


You can, for example, highlight the popularity or sales volume of your items, including those in other countries. If your sales volume is insufficient in comparison to other businesses, you can instead focus on the customer experience. This demonstrates the high quality of your products and services, which previous customers have attested to.



  • Zero return rate
  • Best Selling Book for the Past 125 Years, as Chosen by New York Times Readers
  • 1 million units sold in Japan
  • Sales champion in Korea for 5 weeks in a row
  • Once managed a $250 million advertising budget


Product Recommendations

The less well-known a product is, the more it must be recommended in order to gain credibility. Placing advertisements or finding KOLs to promote your products on social media are not the only ways to get recommendations. Rather, you can seek validation from a variety of sources.


  • Invite customers to try your products/services and provide feedback.
  • Feature product certifications (mostly for pharmaceutical and beauty brands)
  • Emphasize the origin of the product (Japan, Korea, Europe, USA, etc.)
Casetify has given out free Phone cases to KOL and Star in the Early Stage

Provide “Hooks” (freebies or additional services)

Customers may still be hesitant to place an order because they are unsure whether your product/service is worth the money. Whether you sell high-priced or low-priced products, you can allow customers to try them for free (by providing small sweets).


  • The education industry can offer free lectures and trial classes.
  • Coupons, limited-time festive deals available in retail
  • Professionals like lawyers can offer industry seminars as well as free consultations
  • The medical industry can grant inspection discounts and free teeth cleaning


The most important aspect of providing “hooks” is obtaining the customer’s contact information. This includes WhatsApp phone numbers, email addresses, and background information, which will allow us to remarket in the future.



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Why is WhatsApp marketing becoming more important for e-commerce?

WhatsApp has the potential to become the next platform with significant marketing potential after Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, announced that WhatsApp and Messenger will be the next growth outlets.


Indeed, many businesses in Europe and America utilize WhatsApp to complete a variety of tasks:


  • Contact customers via WhatsApp to promote and sell their products and services.
  • Use WhatsApp to complete the entire customer service process, reducing manpower significantly.
  • 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp
  • Push customized marketing messages  to different types of customers on WhatsApp to increase orders

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