How does VIMOS maximize the outcome of your Facebook Ad?

With more than 5 million users in Hong Kong, Facebook is the most popular ad platform. ​​​​In recent years, chat bots have greatly contributed to the digital transformation of SMEs. Combining Facebook Ads and WhatsApp Chat bot will help the company save money and time on different customer service.


WhatsApp marketing is still a new idea with few marketers noticing it. As a WhatsApp business incubator, VIMOS would like to share some insights with businesses to make use of this valuable platform.


Build your Private Traffic

Private traffic refers to your potential customers list, including the WhatsApp phone number, email address etc. As opposed to paid traffic, which is the traffic purchased from social media, such as your Facebook ads.


As Facebook’s advertising policies become more straight and platform advertising fees keep increasing, businesses are necessary to build up their own private traffic. 

With Facebook Ads, you can find your ideal customers and encourage them to leave a WhatsApp phone number or email address by offering a series of “hooks”, which means free gifts for your target audience.


“Hooks” may include:

-Limited one time offer

-Free online tutorial

-Download your eBook

-Membership benefits


Set up 24/7 auto-reply on WhatsApp

Have you ever made this mistake before? Once our Facebook ads attracted hundreds of inquiries. However, most of the customers inquired after the posting period, there were no colleagues to deal with their inquiries immediately, and in the end only a dozen or so customers were still interested in our products.


Through VIMOS, you can set up the automatic reply function to shorten the waiting time of your potential customers. When they start a conversation in WhatsApp through Facebook ads and send out preset keywords, a 24/7 automatic reply can be achieved to ensure that customers’ enquiries will be answered immediately. 


WhatsApp Broadcast Case Study

A small local business might have 500 – 1000 customers. If businesses save their WhatsApp phone number and label them, customers can receive their broadcast messages. This method can be a steady stream of customers. Taking VIMOS as an example, we receive a large number of consumer inquiries from different platforms and industries every day. Customers, however, do not always purchase right away. Through our own WhatsApp Business API we can:


  • Tag the customer’s industry, such as “education,” “retail,” or “service,” based on where the customer saw the advertisement;
  • Use the broadcast function to prioritize potential customers with the “retail” label when holding eCommerce webinars;
  • Use the broadcast function to prioritize potential customers with the “education” label when launching free e-books in the education industry.


On the other hand, it reduces marketing costs while significantly increasing sales. Through labels and broadcasting, we have successfully attracted a group of loyal customers.


Register for a 7-day free trial and start using WhatsApp broadcast right away. Should you require assistance during the process, the VIMOS Team is always available. Our specialists are always ready to provide assistance with using the broadcast and other functions of WhatsApp API. Connect with us now!

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