Automate Sales 24/7 with WhatsApp Form in 4 Easy Steps!

24/7 with WhatsApp Form

Do you want to make your WhatsApp sales more efficient and smart? Do you want your customers to enjoy a more convenient and secure shopping experience on WhatsApp? Do you want to leverage WhatsApp’s massive user base to expand the scale and influence of your business?

VIMOS is the first platform in Hong Kong to launch the WhatsApp Form function, allowing merchants to easily create and send various forms on WhatsApp to collect customer information, opinions and payments. Not only that, VIMOS also provides a variety of table settings, allowing merchants to add additional trigger actions to achieve truly automated unmanned sales.

  • Action 1: Payment link. Customers do not need to leave after submitting the form and jump directly to the product online payment page.
  • Action 2: Automatic reply. After the customer’s payment is successful, the merchant’s WhatsApp will automatically send an order confirmation notification.
  • Action 3: Automatically assign tags. The customer’s WhatsApp number will automatically be classified into the specified tag, making it easier for merchants to send personalized broadcast promotional messages in the future.

Just “4 Steps” to achieve 24-hour unmanned sales on VIMOS WhatsApp

Step One: Create and Send WhatsApp Form: Collect Customer Information and Opinions

To use the WhatsApp Form function of VIMOS, merchants only need to register an account on the VIMOS website, and then customize a table that meets business needs.

  • VIMOS can customize various types of WhatsApp Forms, such as membership application forms, customer product order forms, customer questionnaires, etc.
  • Merchants can set the content and format of the form according to their own needs, such as adding or deleting questions, selecting question types (single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, etc.), setting required or optional items, etc.

After creating a WhatsApp Form, merchants can display the QR code or online link of the form in the eyes of customers who want to enjoy discounted products or activities, or use advertisements or other platforms to attract customers to enter the merchant’s WhatsApp. After receiving the WhatsApp Form, customers only need to fill out and submit the form on WhatsApp without downloading any app or jumping to any website. This can greatly increase customer engagement and trust and reduce churn.

WhatsApp Form

Step 2: After the customer fills out the form, seamless payment is made on WhatsApp

After completing the form, customers can make payments directly on WhatsApp without exiting the page or switching to another platform. Customers can choose to use multiple payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap & Go, Alipay, WeChat or credit card to complete the transaction in just a few steps. VIMOS can also help merchants generate and send electronic invoices and receipts to customers, ensuring that transactions are safe and legal.

Step 3: Merchants automatically reply to order notifications to improve customer loyalty

After completing the payment, the merchant’s WhatsApp will automatically reply. The customer has been notified of the order and thanked for their purchase. This increases customer confidence and satisfaction and promotes long-term relationship building.

Step 4: WhatsApp CRM automatically assigns tags to customers to help merchants broadcast promotions in the future

At the same time, in the VIMOS backend management system, the customer will be automatically assigned to the corresponding label, which will facilitate merchants to make future decisions with WhatsApp one-click broadcast promotion. For example, if a customer successfully purchases a certain type of product, they will be assigned a label for that type of product so that the merchant can promptly notify them of relevant offers or new products.

By using the WhatsApp Form function of VIMOS, merchants can achieve truly automated unmanned sales, save labor costs and time costs, and increase conversion and repurchase rates. At the same time, customers can also enjoy a more convenient and secure shopping experience, completing the entire process from viewing products to paying on WhatsApp without leaving the platform they are familiar with and trust.

WhatsApp Form

FAQ: How to ensure the security of 24-hour automatic unmanned sales?

VIMOS has designed multiple security mechanisms for WhatsApp Form to protect your and your customers’ data and transactions. The most critical mechanism is that when customers fill out the form, they must verify their identity and operation through their own phone number. Specifically, before submitting a WhatsApp Form, customers must first enter their phone number, then receive a verification code, and then enter the verification code in the form to complete the submission. This prevents the customer’s identity from being used fraudulently or the form being filled out maliciously. In addition, VIMOS also uses SSL encryption technology to encrypt customer data and payment information, and cooperates with reliable payment platforms to ensure that transactions are legal and valid.

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VIMOS can provide a one-stop powerful and flexible sales and marketing platform, allowing you to establish more intimate and effective relationships with your customers, and improve your online store performance and competitiveness. If you want to know more about WhatsApp API, please feel free to contact VIMOS!

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