Create WhatsApp Mobile Membership in 3 Steps with VIMOS!

WhatsApp form

How can merchants using VIMOS WhatsApp effectively manage and develop their customer base on WhatsApp? Is there a simple and effective way for businesses to easily collect and organize customer information and convert them into loyal members?

New WhatsApp Features – “WhatsApp Form / Membership Application Form” – Allows businesses to freely design and send various types of forms to customers, and collect and manage customer responses and information directly on WhatsApp. In this way, businesses can set up their own WhatsApp membership system and enjoy many benefits.

Just 3 steps to create your own membership system using WhatsApp Form

The process of establishing a WhatsApp membership system can be roughly divided into three stages: designing the WhatsApp membership application form, asking customers who want to become members to fill in the form, and collecting member information to WhatsApp CRM. We will also share the successful customer case of Canvas Sweet using WhatsApp form /membership application form to establish a WhatsApp membership system, as well as the effects and benefits it brings.

Step 1: Design a WhatsApp membership application form based on your business goals and customer characteristics

Through VIMOS WhatsApp, you can freely choose the form type, title, options, format, etc., in the most efficient way, so that potential customers can naturally become your members during a relaxed conversation.

Real case:The WhatsApp membership application form of Canvas Sweet oil painting store includes basic information, such as name, phone number, email, etc., as well as the customer’s interest in oil paintings, such as favorite style, etc. They added their own brand logos, slogans, etc. to the form to increase their brand recognition and trust.

Step 2: Get on the radar of the customers you want to attract or retain

This step will involve online stores and offline stores. VIMOS supports sending directly during conversations WhatsApp Form link to customers and also supports QRcode, allowing you to display the application form in the most conspicuous place in the store where it is most convenient for customers to scan.

Real case: Canvas Sweet oil painting store chooses different delivery methods, time, frequency, etc. according to different scenarios and goals. For example, they will place their own WhatsApp membership form links on their websites, social media, Facebook/Instagram ads, etc., so that interested customers can actively click and fill it out. They will also send their own form QR codes in offline occasions such as events and exhibitions they organize, so that participating customers can quickly register and receive limited-time offers.

Step 3: Automatically synchronize member information to WhatsApp CRM

After the customer successfully submits the WhatsApp membership application form, the member’s contact information will be automatically stored and organized into the WhatsApp CRM customer relationship management system. You can freely choose the format, classification, analysis, etc. of viewing data to facilitate your subsequent operations, decision-making, and publicity.

Real case:Canvas Sweet oil painting store analyzes and categorizes customers’ interest and level in oil paintings, and establishes different tags and groups in VIMOS to facilitate itself in providing more personalized and considerate services and discounts. They will also add some feedback or reward measures after collecting information. For example, they will send some words of thanks and small gifts to customers who fill out the form, such as discount coupons, free courses, exquisite picture albums, etc., to increase customer satisfaction. and loyalty.

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