Is a $499 WhatsApp Chatbot monthly subscription worth it?

Christmas is coming, and businesses may process more than ten times as many orders at once. A capable customer support system must, in fact, be constantly available. Regardless of how much traffic you receive, if customers have a negative feeling, it can be used against you. Thanks to the WhatsApp chatbot function, customer service can be as reliable as ever!

WhatsApp Cloud API may concurrently email thousands of customers about upcoming Christmas discounts in addition to automatically responding to inquiries. Let’s have a look at how VIMOS and the Cloud API service can help you have a smashing Christmas sale!

Reduce customer waiting time via WhatsApp Chatbot

According to a Hubspot survey, two-thirds of customers are only willing to wait 10 minutes for a response. Using a Chatbot to answer inquiries automatically is the ideal choice as WhatsApp is the most popular communication platform.

In light of the data gathered by the chatbot, businesses may provide parents with the most considerate solutions to increase satisfaction.

Think about how many sales you lose each day because of your late response. Is using a chatbot a more realistic and cost-effective option than hiring more customer care representatives?

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Use WhatsApp broadcasts to understand customer backgrounds and preferences.

More than 90% of customers said they prefer to receive personalized marketing messages than mass messages. Businesses can start by using the WhatsApp broadcast feature as the holidays get closer. They can leverage it to send festive discounts, product information, free presents, and original material depending on different user backgrounds.

If you want to target on couple audience, you may send out WhatsApp messages to potential customers your girlfriend’s or wife’s top picks for birthday presents, couple discounts, etc. Remarketing can be done on Valentine’s Day in the future to boost sales and create loyal customers.

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Big Data in Marketing

Do you want to know Akindo Sushiro’s motivation for scaling the team to the sea of people? Why aren’t there as many customers at other sushi restaurants? Akindo Sushiro collaborated with AWS to create a big data system to reduce food waste. Furthermore, they aim to track customer preferences and work hard to improve food quality.

VIMOS records interactions between businesses and customers in addition to the WhatsApp broadcast and auto-reply features. According to each user’s unique purchasing history and response to interactive messages, it offers a variety of personalized product recommendations. Big data marketing gently appeals to consumers’ imaginations and subtly persuades them to become devoted patrons. This contrasts with pushy sales tactics, aggressive advertising, and general overwhelming promotions.

Cloud API officially launched by WhatsApp!

The previous operation of the WhatsApp Chatbot was rather unstable and insecure since the data is kept on various servers. Now that the information is stored on Meta’s official cloud, the system is fairly safe and reliable. VIMOS is an official Meta-approved provider of automated marketing conversations for WhatsApp, offering a secure and efficient WhatsApp API service. Businesses can quickly launch and operate WhatsApp Business API thanks to this excellent platform.

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Professional Marketing and Customer Service Guidance

In comparison to other SaaS Model companies, VIMOS also offers after-sales customer service. Consumers who subscribe to VIMOS can acquire guidance from the customer service team, as well as support in other business situations.

Sign up for VIMOS today and enjoy a complimentary 7-day WhatsApp Cloud API free trial. Our specialists are always ready to provide assistance with using the platform and other functions of WhatsApp API. Connect with us now!


You can avail of WhatsApp Chatbot for only $499 per month, which includes the following services and features.

  1. There is no need to hire additional customer service representatives, which reduces customer churn and loss.
  2. Broadcast a mass message to learn about your consumers’ backgrounds and interests in order to establish a reliable customer source.
  3. Big data marketing, expelling hard-selling and ineffective advertisements
  4. WhatsApp’s official Cloud API, which is both stable and secure.
  5. Professional Marketing and Customer Service Guidance

Is it worth the cost? Definitely YES! Book a 15-minute demo with us and enjoy additional discounts.