WhatsApp Cloud API: What’s in it for businesses?

WhatsApp is the most popular communication application in Hong Kong. Since social media greatly benefits brands, more and more local businesses are increasingly using WhatsApp for business. However, the standard version of WhatsApp Business API can no longer meet most businesses needs. 

But don’t worry, because VIMOS works with Meta as an official WhatsApp Cloud API solution provider. The platform works wonders for merchants and offers a secure and efficient WhatsApp API service. You can easily access Meta’s services via VIMOS, increasing the operational efficiency of your businesses!

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Introduction to WhatsApp Cloud API

Many business functions on WhatsApp were provided by third-party solutions rather than Meta. Such features include auto-replies, broadcast, multi-person login, and so on. As a result, there are numerous inconsistencies on the market, and some even had their accounts permanently blocked for violating WhatsApp policies. Suppliers were also hacked due to unstable services, leading to the loss of large customer data.

WhatsApp Cloud API is the official product launched by Meta to solve the problem. The goal of the product is to safeguard the interests of small and medium-sized businesses. They can use Meta Cloud to store customer interaction data on WhatsApp and make it available to all store employees. They do not use third-party suppliers and instead rely on Meta to provide relatively guaranteed services. In addition, the time it takes to open the API has been reduced from several weeks to a few minutes.

During the pandemic, the Hong Kong government widely utilized WhatsApp Business API’s automatic reply function. This helps them to deal with citizens’ inquiries on public safety and health. Using VIMOS, a maximum of 10 list buttons can be set up to automatically reply to citizens’ inquiries more efficiently.

Features of WhatsApp Cloud API

The functionality of the Cloud API is now roughly equivalent to that of the WhatsApp Business API. Features include, 

The threshold for using the WhatsApp API is significantly lower. As a result, any enterprise or developer will be able to tailor solutions to meet specific business requirements. Customer service efficiency can also be increased.

Official WhatsApp Cloud API vs Third-party API

The official Cloud API has the following advantages over general third parties:

Third-party APIsOfficial WhatsApp Cloud API
The data is stored in different servers, and the operation is relatively unstable and insecureThe data is saved on Meta’s official cloud, and the operation is relatively stable and guaranteed.
There are expenses associated with installing and maintaining the server, which is relatively high.The server is free to install and maintain. The cost is also low.
Charges are based on messages sent or per conversation“Conversation-based pricing”
Other team members cannot use more than one phone number per account.Multiple mobile numbers can be registered on the Cloud API, allowing other team members to respond to customer inquiries
Waiting for several weeks for approval; Efficiency is low.Waiting for several minutes for approval; High-efficiency

WhatsApp Cloud API is a core project of Meta.

To activate the WhatsApp Cloud API and customize a solution for your business, you may need to hire a programmer, or even hire a professional IT firm. Sounds too costly and tedious? One of your options for quickly leveraging a safe and effective WhatsApp API service is VIMOS, a Meta-approved provider.

Key features of the VIMOS platform include

  • WhatsApp Chat Bot: Handles after-sales service  24/7 and reduces customer waiting time
  • CRM Efficiency: Visitors can leave the relevant information in automatic messages to increase response effectiveness.
  • Support mobile and desktop versions, assign customer response tags and remarket to customers with personalized messages.
  • There is no need to worry about your account being blocked since this is an officially recognized API.

WhatsApp Cloud API Backend

VIMOS advocates for the most concise user interface.

VIMOS not only assists users in applying for WhatsApp Business API. It also provides an easy-to-use application programming interface that supports desktop and mobile app versions. Without learning any programming or software development skills, businesses can easily enjoy the stable and efficient extension functions of WhatsApp Business API.

With VIMOS, you can provide a personalized experience for your customers while also expanding your online and offline business opportunities! Book a 15-minute demo with us and enjoy additional discounts, along with a free 7-day trial.