3 Methods to Grow Your Business Through WhatsApp QR Code

Many businesses use QR codes to connect via WhatsApp so that potential customers can easily jump to the website. Furthermore, this function enables merchants to handle inquiries efficiently, attract new leads, and allow customers to purchase their favorite products from the store. However, only a few companies successfully win the game. As a result, a large number of potential customers who are interested in purchasing are squandered.

In this article, you will also learn how to combine WhatsApp marketing tools and discover more ways to play QR Codes and WhatsApp links. These methods are not expensive, and you can even test our VIMOS QR Code right away! Know how to employ QR Codes to retain customers, handle inquiries via WhatsApp links, and even directly facilitate purchases.

How to Grow Your Business with WhatsApp Link and QR Code

WhatsApp links and QR Codes have the following applications in online business:

1. Automate replies to potential customers:

You can pre-set reply messages after potential customers scan your QR Code with WhatsApp API tools like VIMOS. To attract offline customers to go online, you send automated responses immediately after receiving their messages. For example, customers can scan the QR Code on restaurant advertisements or leaflets. They can then make appointments, place orders, and even order food on WhatsApp.


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2. Collect potential customer information

Potential customers can access the WhatsApp conversation page by scanning the QR Code with their phone. This step adds another WhatsApp connection to your contacts list. VIMOS’s labeling and classification functions allow you to divide different customer profiles and preferences. Labeling and classification functions enable remarketing with precise promotion. Consider patrons and customers who make large unit purchases. In terms of customer service, you can tag and assign them to specific store employees to ensure a prompt response. On the contrary, some leads who have never made a purchase can be assigned a low importance level. This allows you to better allocate resources in order to provide better and more accurate services and increase conversion rates.

3. To address customer concerns, provide a variety of product/service information.

To join the WhatsApp conversation, scan the QR code. By configuring the List Button function of WhatsApp API tools such as VIMOS, customers can view products, service details, and usage methods at a glance. Furthermore, merchants can display information in a systematic manner to avoid customer loss due to product reservations and doubts.

VIMOS WhatsApp QR Code

There are numerous free WhatsApp links and QR Code generators. However, only a few companies have succeeded in driving traffic. VIMOS WhatsApp link and QR Code generator has the following features that can assist you in managing the information collected by your QR Code:

Default Auto-reply Function

Ordinary WhatsApp link generators only connect to your WhatsApp, and there is no auto-reply function by default. People in Hong Kong can inquire about your products/services on WhatsApp at any time, as online shopping becomes more popular. To avoid customer loss, VIMOS’ pre-set auto-reply options and FAQs can respond to inquiries from potential customers within 24 hours.

Collect customer records for remarketing

Ordinary WhatsApp link generators only provide links and QR Codes. There is no way of knowing how effective the promotion is or how customers recognize your products/services via QR Codes. VIMOS enables users to determine the trend and number of clicks obtained through a report. Customers can also be further classified and labeled to facilitate the use of data for remarketing. Merchants can use WhatsApp to regularly push products and services that customers are interested in.

Custom QR Code Design

Using the VIMOS WhatsApp link generator, you can change the color of the QR code. The overall brand recognition can be improved by inserting your trademark and product name.

Easy and super convenient to use!

It just takes a single click to create a WhatsApp Chat link and export a QR code on the VIMOS platform! Simply enter the required information, and the entire process takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

Real Case Review: eCommerce

Our client specializes in the sale of office furniture online. Despite using digital marketing methods such as mainstream channels, all inquiries on the website are still answered by store employees. This process alone significantly increases their workload.

The goal is clear – to successfully attract offline customers to go online. After executing our advice, the client carried out a series of online and offline integration including printing, Printing the WhatsApp QR Code on Facebook advertisements, and placing it in storefront desks and promotional publications are examples of this. Potential customers can instantly connect to the WhatsApp conversation by scanning the QR Code. Businesses can list product and service details in real-time and automatically respond to customers 24 hours a day. This significantly reduces the workload of store employees while increasing sales.

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