WhatsApp Broadcast Remarketing Strategy

How much time do you spend on the Internet on average each day? Do you spend more time on YouTube than on TV? Smartphones have gradually changed people’s consumption habits and more people are shopping online. Take this opportunity to your advantage! Learn how to use WhatsApp Broadcast to attract potential customers, guide them to purchase your products, and convert them into consumers.

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What is WhatsApp Broadcast?

Businesses can use the broadcast function to send promotional messages to many potential customers at once. A considerable number of messages can be sent with a single click by configuring the broadcast list. Therefore, no need for businesses to choose and input each recipient every time!

If you advertise on various channels, you may need a single platform to collect a large number of customer inquiries. WhatsApp, the most popular communication software among Hong Kong residents, enables businesses to promote and handle customer inquiries automatically. The WhatsApp broadcast feature allows businesses to reorganize their massive customer list. Furthermore, it creates a new WhatsApp broadcast list using tags and actively sends marketing messages to various target customer groups.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Broadcast?

  • WhatsApp messages are read at a rate of up to 98%, and the marketing effect far outweighs that of other communication platforms.
  • You can create different contact lists for targeted marketing. This eliminates the need to send messages to non-potential customers.
  • To improve customer service efficiency, you can handle FAQs and product-related inquiries using automatic and quick responses.

VIMOS WhatsApp API has received official certification, lowering the risk of an account ban. It also offers a Cloud API that is formally operated by WhatsApp. User data will be stored on Meta’s official cloud, offering a relatively more stable and fast service. Furthermore, as a VIMOS user, you will be able to enjoy these extra features:

  • Can broadcast to at least 1000 contacts per day
  • Multi-person login, which eliminates the need for a single salesperson to respond to customer messages, increasing efficiency.
  • WhatsApp broadcast message A/B testing, allowing merchants to compare the effectiveness of two broadcast campaigns

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WhatsApp Broadcast Case Study

A small local business might have 500 – 1000 customers. If businesses save their WhatsApp phone number and label them, customers can receive their broadcast messages. This method can be a steady stream of customers. Taking VIMOS as an example, we receive a large number of consumer inquiries from different platforms and industries every day. Customers, however, do not always purchase right away. Through our own WhatsApp Business API we can:

  • Tag the customer’s industry, such as “education,” “retail,” or “service,” based on where the customer saw the advertisement;
  • Use the broadcast function to prioritize potential customers with the “retail” label when holding eCommerce webinars;
  • Use the broadcast function to prioritize potential customers with the “education” label when launching free e-books in the education industry.

On the other hand, it reduces marketing costs while significantly increasing sales. Through labels and broadcasting, we have successfully attracted a group of loyal customers.

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