Boost Your Webinar Attendance to 75% with VIMOS

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The rise of webinars during the pandemic has opened new avenues for interaction and communication with customers or potential clients, enhancing your brand image and sales conversions. However, have you ever faced this scenario: you spend considerable time and effort preparing an engaging webinar, even promote it through Facebook ads to boost registrations, only to find the attendance is barely 30% at the time of the event?

Such disappointing turnout can be disheartening and impact your effectiveness and return on investment. So, what’s the issue? How can you increase your webinar attendance rate? Is there a simple yet effective way to ensure your customers remember and commit to attending your webinar after registering?

Why Do People Register for Webinars but Not Attend?

Often, customers register out of curiosity or interest, without a real need or motivation. Moreover, being online events, customers might forget to allocate time for your webinar, choose not to attend at the last minute without guilt, or simply forget. These are factors that affect webinar attendance rates. So, how can we tackle these issues?

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VIMOS: Achieving Over 75% Attendance Rate Using WhatsApp Features

VIMOS offers several functions to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Among the most unique are the “Customized Form Registration” and “WhatsApp One-Click Broadcast” features. These tools streamline the process from webinar registration to commencement, making it more efficient and effective.

【1】Create a Customized WhatsApp Registration Form for Conversational Submissions!

A WhatsApp registration form can bypass the hassle of filling out forms in browsers or emails, reducing the risk of customers making errors or omitting information. Additionally, you can include questions in the form to understand customers’ needs and expectations, thereby tailoring your webinar content to suit them better.

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【2】Use WhatsApp One-Click Broadcast to Remind Registered Customers to Attend Your Webinar!

Simply set the broadcast time and content, and VIMOS will automatically send WhatsApp broadcast messages to customers the day before or 15 minutes before your event. This approach increases customer recall and interest and decreases the likelihood of absenteeism due to forgetfulness or lack of motivation. You can also add multiple CTA buttons in the message, allowing customers to directly click into the Zoom room without entering a room password or waiting, enhancing convenience and participation.

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VIMOS offers a one-stop, powerful, and flexible sales and marketing platform, enabling you to establish closer and more effective relationships with your customers, enhancing your online store’s performance and competitiveness. If you want to learn more about WhatsApp API, feel free to contact VIMOS at any time!