Optimize Sales: Essential WhatsApp Chatbot Tactics

WhatsApp Chatbot

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Every successful WhatsApp chatbot encompasses the following three elements:

【1】Interactive Buttons to Engage with Customers

The most commonly used interactive buttons on WhatsApp by merchants include list message buttons, quick replies, and purchase link buttons, offering up to 10 options, with a minimum of one. When customers click your online link (such as a Facebook ad) and start a conversation with you on WhatsApp, use interactive buttons to display various options and instantly answer customer responses. Application scenarios include:

  • Company background
  • Product information
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Latest promotions

Interactive buttons instantly respond to customer queries, shorten waiting times, enhance the consumer experience, reduce customer churn, and eliminate the need for additional manpower.

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【2】Regular Broadcasting

To understand user needs and pain points, and to provide corresponding services. Regularly broadcast information of interest to potential customers through WhatsApp broadcasts, enticing them to reply, such as:

  • Free consultations
  • Industry information
  • Free seminars
  • E-books
  • Seasonal promotion tips
  • New product information
  • Coupons

If a customer expresses interest in your information and requests it, you can tag that contact accordingly. For example, if a contact requests a limited-time offer on Korean cosmetics, tag them as “Korean Cosmetics” to indicate their interest in such products, and so forth.

Key points to note in the regular broadcasting process:

  • Encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter, allowing message sending and avoiding spam classification
  • Use customer management tools like VIMOS to categorize each user for personalized product/service push

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【3】Personalized Product and Service Recommendations

The ultimate goal of a WhatsApp chatbot, besides answering customer queries, is to encourage purchases and increase sales. Premature or mass messaging can easily alienate customers. Therefore, categorize your contact list based on customers’ interests or preferences, and include the recipient’s name in the title to catch their attention.

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VIMOS WhatsApp Chatbot

VIMOS sales dialogue intelligent response is an automated conversation sales platform designed for small and medium enterprises. Key features include:

  • Chatbot
  • Automated keyword response
  • Team management and multi-user login
  • Customer tagging and categorization
  • One-click broadcast in marketing
  • Personalized template messages (supporting PDF, video, photos, and other multimedia)
WhatsApp chatbot

Our team has years of marketing and software development experience and is an officially recognized WhatsApp Business API partner. After registering as a VIMOS user, our team will assist you in applying for and activating the WhatsApp Business API and provide email and online support. We will also offer suggestions and assistance for the most suitable WhatsApp newsletter and automated process based on your business needs.

With the surge of e-commerce, more and more customers are shopping online, and online customer service has become a key factor in retaining them. More and more businesses are using WhatsApp and Messenger to handle online queries, and automated reply chatbots have significantly improved customer service efficiency and reduced operational costs. Previously requiring customer service departments to be on standby 24/7, now WhatsApp chatbots can automatically handle customer queries.

WhatsApp marketing is still a relatively new concept, with few resources available for reference. At VIMOS, we not only provide services for setting up WhatsApp chatbots but also aim to offer insights on how to fully utilize this valuable platform resource, guiding small and medium enterprises on how to use WhatsApp chatbots to lighten the workload.

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Why Is WhatsApp Marketing Becoming Increasingly Important?

WhatsApp, with 5.94 million users in Hong Kong, can not only solve customer service issues but also has the potential to become the next major marketing platform after Facebook and Instagram. Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp and Messenger would be the next growth engines.

In fact, many small businesses and store owners in Europe and America are already using WhatsApp to complete various tasks:

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