Streamline WhatsApp in Your Workflow with Zapier [Sep 2023]

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Since its inception, VIMOS has been dedicated to providing comprehensive business solutions tailored to the needs of clients across various industries. Over time, we’ve heard from clients in diverse sectors who shared their desires and expectations to integrate the robust functionalities of VIMOS into their existing business processes for true ‘full automation.’

These voices and needs are crucial to us and drive our commitment to delivering better solutions, helping businesses achieve more efficient and intelligent operations. Thus, we’re thrilled to announce that, as of September 2023, VIMOS has successfully partnered with Zapier, opening up endless possibilities and opportunities for our customers.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that automates workflows by connecting almost all popular software and tools on the market, such as Gmail, Microsoft applications, Slack, WhatsApp, and ChatGPT. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require professional technical engineers; anyone, regardless of technical level, can use it by simply dragging options and clicking to establish automated workflows.

How Does Zapier Complement WhatsApp API with Third-party Tools?

Previously, VIMOS clients could only utilize limited automation tools and processes with WhatsApp API. However, our collaboration with Zapier enables clients from e-commerce, education, service, retail, and other fields to use Zaps, offering ‘Triggers’ and ‘Actions’ for further multi-trigger commands. This means our clients can now more effortlessly integrate VIMOS features into their entire workflow and automate multiple tasks and operations.

Vimos and Zapier Partnership: Creating Three Major Business Advantages

【1】Maximizing Business Efficiency with 100% Automated Processes:

Through Zapier, VIMOS can integrate with over 6,000 applications and services, significantly enhancing business efficiency. Businesses can respond to customer needs more rapidly and manage internal workflows more effectively, saving time and resources.

【2】Linking Multiple Marketing Channels for a Flexible and Efficient Strategy:

In today’s digital marketing world, flexibility and efficiency are key to success. Zapier is a powerful tool that seamlessly connects multiple marketing channels, making your marketing strategies more flexible and efficient. By integrating platforms like Calendly, Google Calendar, Facebook, ActiveCampaign, CRM, Shopify, and using WhatsApp as the primary communication channel, you can create a smoother and more personalized customer experience.

【3】Automating Sales and Customer Service Processes:

By automating sales funnels and customer follow-up strategies, you can enhance sales efficiency and customer satisfaction. For example, based on Facebook customer interest ads, you can create specific customer groups and automatically send more targeted WhatsApp messages. You can also provide exclusive offers and product recommendations based on customer behavior and cart contents, and automatically collect customer feedback and reviews after purchase.

Integrating WhatsApp into Your Common Workflows

Many companies still rely on a series of manual operations, which are not only inefficient but prone to human error. However, with Zapier, through VIMOS, you can automate these tedious and repetitive tasks, saving time and improving efficiency. Whether it’s updating customer CRM records or responding to new customer queries, Zapier will automatically trigger workflows and send various notifications and messages through WhatsApp. This not only saves time spent on repetitive tasks, thereby increasing productivity and work efficiency, but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example, when customers complete online registration activities, they can immediately receive confirmation messages on WhatsApp.

How to Connect Zapier’s Automation Tools?

VIMOS now supports integration with the Zapier platform! After logging into the VIMOS platform, you can copy your API key and connect VIMOS within Zapier. Through automated rules, you can synchronize customer data from other platforms to VIMOS or trigger WhatsApp messages to customers, managing customer data and messages across platforms.

1. How to View Your Zapier API Key?

Log into the VIMOS backend, select the platform integration page, click ‘Zapier,’ and you can copy the API key.

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2. Copy Your Zapier API Key to Zapier:

You can copy your API key to Zapier and connect to VIMOS.


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