VIMOS Supports Multiple WhatsApp Payment Methods

In order to meet different customer needs and payment preferences, VIMOS now supports Hong Kong’s one-stop payment platform Yedpay.

Many merchants have reported that traditional payment solutions lack flexibility and security, and merchants cannot easily manage and expand their businesses. To solve this problem, VIMOS provides merchants with a one-stop WhatsApp payment platform that allows them to accept multiple payment methods including UnionPay, AlipayHK, Wechat Pay, Visa and Mastercard. This program not only helps merchants improve collection efficiency and customer satisfaction, but also reduces transaction costs and risks.

Benefits of using VIMOS payment collection function

● Supporting multiple payment methods, customers from Mainland China, Hong Kong or other regions can easily use their familiar and convenient payment tools.

● Supports payment collection in stores, online and mobile, suitable for different types of merchants and business scenarios.

● The charges are transparent and reasonable, with handling fees as low as 1.9%, and handling fees for collecting Visa/Mastercard payments as low as 2.9%. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or other hidden costs.

● The fees are also very user-friendly. Merchants can refund within 90 days of the transaction. There are no additional charges for refunds of UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat payment transactions. The transaction fee deducted from the transaction will be returned to the merchant and the customer will receive it back in full. amount. Regarding refunds for Visa and Mastercard transactions, if the refund is made on the day of the transaction, Yedpay will refund the full amount to the merchant and the customer. If the refund is made after the day of the transaction, the deducted transaction fee will not be refunded to the merchant, but the customer will still be refunded. The full amount will be recovered.

● Safe and reliable, it complies with the highest level of PCI-DSS standards to protect the data security of merchants and customers.

How can online and offline stores use the VIMOS WhatsApp API payment collection function?

● Offline stores generate payment QR codes: Merchants only need to register on the Yedpay platform and obtain an APP ID and Sign Key, and then display a QR code containing this information in the store, allowing customers to scan the code to pay. This saves the cost of purchasing and installing POS machines, and also reduces the risk of manual errors and counterfeiting.

● Merchants can view and manage all transaction records, refunds, settlement and other functions through the Yedpay platform’s website or mobile application. Merchants can filter and search based on different payment methods, time ranges, transaction status and other conditions, and can also export reports or send emails. Merchants can also set the time and frequency of automatic settlements and transfer revenue to designated bank accounts.

● Through VIMOS, merchants can provide multiple payment methods to customers to meet different payment preferences and needs. This increases customer trust and convenience, improves customer satisfaction and conversion rates. At the same time, merchants can also attract more cross-border customers, especially those from mainland China and Hong Kong, to increase revenue and market share.

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VIMOS helps you quickly activate WhatsApp Shop and one-stop in-conversation payment function to seize the coupon craze! If you have any other questions or are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact VIMOS at any time