Get Ready for 2023 Vouchers | Set Up VIMOS WhatsApp Pay Now!

The 2023 Voucher Scheme will distribute vouchers with a total value of HKD 5,000 or HKD 2,500 to eligible citizens in stages, utilizing the registration data from the 2022 Voucher Scheme to save citizens from re-registering. The HKD 5,000 vouchers will be issued in two phases: the first HKD 3,000 on April 16th, and the second HKD 2,000 on July 16th.

Citizens can receive and use their vouchers through six stored value payment tools: Octopus, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, Tap & Go, BoC Pay, and PayMe from HSBC. The vouchers can be spent at physical and online shops of local retail, dining, and service industry merchants in Hong Kong.

Before the surge in consumer spending, e-commerce, as an emerging business model, poses the question of how merchants can leverage WhatsApp, a popular social media platform, to snatch up business, quickly receive orders, and collect payments. What are the advantages of WhatsApp e-commerce? How does the WhatsApp Business API payment feature work? How can the WhatsApp Business API help e-commerce improve performance and service levels? This article will attempt to answer these questions from various perspectives.

How do your customers pay with vouchers via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s payment feature not only brings convenience and security to customers but also efficiency and revenue for e-commerce in the age of vouchers. E-commerce can reduce payment process friction through the WhatsApp Shop, enhancing conversion rates and customer loyalty, while saving on transaction costs and time. VIMOS offers the following four steps to help you streamline the payment process:

  • Display and sell products and services clearly on WhatsApp, allowing your customers to quickly browse, select, and purchase items within the chat interface.
  • Seamlessly integrate conversational payment features to simplify the payment process, allowing customers to complete payments directly through the chat interface without the need to switch to other platforms or applications.
  • Support commonly used payment methods in Hong Kong, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay Hong Kong, WeChat Pay HK, etc., allowing customers to choose the most convenient method to complete payment.
  • Offer an automatic payment confirmation feature, where customers receive a message once the payment is complete, ensuring they are always informed about their payment status.

Advantages of WhatsApp Shop for E-commerce

WhatsApp is a mainstream social media platform in Hong Kong with over 2 billion global users, including approximately 5 million in Hong Kong alone. This means e-commerce businesses can reach a vast potential customer base through WhatsApp and leverage its rich features such as voice, video, images, documents, and location sharing to showcase their products and services.

WhatsApp provides a convenient and quick communication tool that allows businesses to interact with customers instantly, automatically respond to inquiries, needs, and feedback, and offer personalized and friendly service. It also supports broadcast lists, enabling businesses to send messages to multiple customers at once, thus increasing efficiency and reach. Additionally, its security and reliability are recognized. VIMOS helps you quickly set up your WhatsApp Shop, so you can capitalize on the voucher craze! If you have more questions or are interested in learning more, feel free to contact VIMOS at any time!