FB/IG Shop Closure in 2023? WhatsApp Shop Turns Crisis into Opportunity

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As a FB/IG shop proprietor, Meta’s recent update might leave you perplexed and concerned. With Meta set to disable shopping features on FB and IG in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific, your social media sales and marketing could be at risk! But fear not, a solution is at hand. This article will delve into Meta’s changes and reveal how VIMOS’s WhatsApp Shop intelligent shopping services can help you transform this predicament into a strategic advantage.

Impact and timing of 2023 Meta update interface and store functions

Meta issued an important announcement on April 27, 2023, announcing that in order to improve user experience and service quality, store functions will be updated in different regions. For users in Hong Kong and other Asia-Pacific regions, this means that they will no longer be able to open stores through Facebook pages or IG accounts. Unless they have connected Facebook or Instagram US payment services (valid US bank card required).

In addition, Meta will launch a new interface on June 5, 2023. Even if the user does not actively update, he will be automatically converted to the new layout. The new version of Meta will no longer support Facebook Page to manage and publish functional pages of catalogs or product details, and will no longer have permission to use the page store function.

More details: Meta Enterprise Merchant Help Center: Store Feature Changes

What function can Ig Shop use?

Due to Meta’s updated interface and store functions, Hong Kong users will not be able to open stores through Facebook pages and IG accounts. This will affect their sales and promotion on social platforms. However, IG Shop’s owners still have some ways to show their brands and products on social platforms. For example:

  • Published and connected to their own website, so that customers can directly click to enter online store shopping
  • Tag products in the advertising post, so that customers can see the price and details of the product
  • Use functions such as IG Story, IGTV, and Live to display the features and usage of products to increase customer interest and trust.

Vimos WhatsApp Shop makes your customers on IG/FB easy to order

To effectively promote brand products on FB/ IG, and to catch the opportunity of each order, you need a complete and reliable store opening platform to connect Facebook and Instagram for you. Vimos is a good helper to help you turn crisis on social platforms. Vimos provided WhatsApp Shop which is a new intelligent shopping process that allows you to catch each order for the brand without FB Shop and IG Shop. VIMOS’s WhatsApp Shop provides the following four key benefits:

Benefits [1]: Generate exclusive WhatsApp purchase links for specified products with one click and share them directly in IG Story, Facebook posts or advertisements, or WhatsApp messages, allowing interested customers to quickly place orders on WhatsApp.

Benefit [2]: Cooperate with WhatsApp to automatically reply, and provide purchase links and consultations that have been added to the shopping cart to seize every order opportunity.

Benefits【3】:use 24 hours Chatbot answer customer questions, reduce doubts and place orders faster

Benefits【4】: Automatically send customized WhatsApp Forms, Collect customer contact information and automatic label classification, and automatically expand the customer base so that in the future to do activities to promote

WhatsApp Shop

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Upgrade to VIMOS user now

VIMOS can provide a one-stop powerful and flexible sales and marketing platform, allowing you to establish more intimate and effective relationships with your customers, and improve your online store performance and competitiveness. If you want to know more about WhatsApp API, please feel free to contact VIMOS!