WhatsApp Cloud API Analysis: Benefits for 3 Popular Hong Kong Business Industries

Small and medium-sized businesses, unlike large corporations, do not require a massive customer service team that is constantly on call to handle inquiries. In fact, three popular industries in Hong Kong are already utilizing WhatsApp Cloud API to improve customer satisfaction!



The Power of WhatsApp Cloud API in the Retail Industry

Pain Points of retail industry:

The retail industry is rife with competition. If you own an e-commerce store and sell a popular product, your competitors will quickly imitate it. They may even compete with you at a lower price. As a result, it is critical to provide excellent after-sales service in order to deliver customers with a positive consumer experience. And, of course, there will be a steady flow of returning customers to assist or introduce new clients.


Many large corporations excel at remarketing to customers based on their purchase records. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from  WhatsApp broadcasts to categorize old customers. They can also use VIMOS’ customer management (CRM) function to add tags and descriptions to the leads they have on hand. In the future, they can also use broadcasting to specific tags or groups for remarketing. 



As an example, consider an e-commerce store that sells Japanese and Korean fashion clothing. When a customer purchases Japanese clothing, you can tag her on VIMOS with phrases like “Japanese fashion” and “25 years old”. You can use the broadcast function to notify this customer when similar products are suitable for her in the future. Furthermore, 90% of customers said they are more willing to accept advertisements that are tailored to them.



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Leveraging Chatbots via WhatsApp Cloud API for the Education Industry

Pain Points of the Tutor:

The pressure of students in Hong Kong is high, and many parents are concerned about their children’s future. As a result, they have strict requirements for tutoring institutions. Many tutors are said to receive inquiries from parents even after working hours. Therefore, the tutors are put under excessive strain. Work-life balance is essential for industry professionals as it really improves the services they provide.


In fact, many parents’ inquiries are repetitive and common. Tutoring institutions can use WhatsApp Chatbots to automatically answer typical questions and address FAQs. Automated responses can be programmed with information such as course offerings, tutor backgrounds, office addresses, and so on. Tutors can be relieved of routine questions, and parents’ satisfaction can be greatly increased!



If, on the other hand, parents want more detailed information, they can contact relevant tutors or staff via WhatsApp. Fortunately, VIMOS allows multiple tutors to share the same WhatsApp Business account. When parents have concerns, they can immediately contact various tutors for follow-up. Parents can alleviate their concerns and send their children to school with greater assurance.



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Resolving Manpower Shortage for Professional Services via WhatsApp Cloud API

Pain Points for Professionals:

Self-employed experts or private offices, such as accountants, clinics, and law firms, may have to deal with a variety of issues aside from professional services. This includes customer acquisition, operations, accounting, leasing, customer service, and so on. However, in the event of a manpower shortage, the owner or professional may be forced to deal with it himself. As a result, he is unable to focus on his strengths, lowering the quality of his service.


Many departments previously available only to large corporations can now be fulfilled at a reasonable cost. This is accomplished simply by purchasing software or outsourcing. 


Small and medium-sized businesses, for example, can use the WhatsApp Cloud API to employ chatbots that respond to inquiries automatically. Moreover, they can use the built-in CRM tool to record detailed customer inquiries and background information. Professionals can use this as a foundation for remarketing and recommending services to customers.



Taking VIMOS as an example, we receive a large number of consumer inquiries from different platforms and industries every day. Customers, however, do not always purchase right away. Through our own WhatsApp Business API we can:



  • Tag the customer’s industry, such as “education,” “retail,” or “service,” based on where the customer saw the advertisement,
  • Use the broadcast function to prioritize potential customers with the “retail” label when holding eCommerce webinars;
  • Use the broadcast function to prioritize potential customers with the “education” label when launching free e-books in the education industry.


On the other hand, it reduces marketing costs while significantly increasing sales. Through labels and broadcasting, we have successfully attracted a group of loyal customers.


Drive customer interaction faster through WhatsApp Cloud API! 


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