6 WhatsApp Business API Features brands can’t miss out on!

WhatsApp is the most popular communication app in the world! Hong Kong has approximately 2 billion active users worldwide and 5.94 million monthly active users. It has the highest penetration rate of any communication platform.

Many SME merchants efficiently handle customer inquiries using the free personal version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business. The free version, however, has limited functionalities. Do you frequently find yourself copying and pasting responses to customer inquiries? Do you require store staff to handle customer inquiries?

WhatsApp Business API is designed to support businesses in resolving these issues by offering a variety of business communication features. Unlike the free WhatsApp Business, merchants must use third-party applications that connect with official WhatsApp suppliers to use API extensions. Third-party applications include VIMOS, a top-notch WhatsApp Marketing Customer Service Solution.

But, how does the WhatsApp Business API differ from WhatsApp Business in terms of functionality? What is the difference in the functionality offered by the myriad of WhatsApp API providers in the market? Read this article and leverage the power of WhatsApp Business API!

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WhatsApp Business API Features and Applications

1. Chatbot 

Chatbots are automated software programs that, instead of a human customer service agent, respond to customer inquiries. It can send personalized promotions, reminders, and other messages to customers, which helps to strengthen customer relationships.

Since Apple tightened its user privacy policy in 2021, going through mainstream channels like Facebook and Google is not as ideal as it once was. At this time, the development of WhatsApp, a new marketing channel, does not only encourage customer interaction. In addition, it promotes businesses easily and efficiently! You can simply create a chatbot process whether you are an expert in marketing or new to running an online store! Procedures can be tailored to your needs in order to provide a more enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

For instance, the online store can pre-set a welcome message, automatic reply, etc. using a chatbot. When a customer inquires, even if live support is unavailable, the chatbot can respond immediately. This saves time and money on customer service while increasing customer loyalty to your brand.

WhatsApp Business API chatbots

2. Keyword Auto-reply

Repetitive questions from customers are normal in a long-standing business. Online stores frequently receive repetitive questions, such as price inquiries, the latest promotions, coupon discounts, etc. In fact, online stores can delegate common queries to keywords autoreply to solve automatically.

Online stores can pre-list some common consumer inquiries and pre-write responses based on those questions. Then, upload the response on a WhatsApp API platform and include relevant keywords like “price, color” and so on. If there are preset keywords in the customer’s query, an automatic reply will be triggered, and the query will be answered immediately.

WhatsApp Business API keyword auto reply

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3. Interactive Template Messages

Interactive messages are also known as template messages. You can also use interactive buttons to answer FAQs or drive more traffic to your online store. According to WhatsApp, merchants must use an approved template message if they want to initiate a conversation with ordinary users.

In contrast to the keyword automatic reply, the other party must enter the specified key phrase to initiate the reply. When customers make inquiries, merchants can add up to three buttons below the message content. This prompts customers to click and answer frequently asked questions by themselves. The buttons in the template message are roughly divided into two categories: “Quick Reply” and “Call to Action (CTA)” buttons:

  • Quick reply button: You can include a FAQ button below a welcome or promotional message you send to customers. FAQ buttons can display the most recent offers, new products, shipping inquiries, and other questions. When customers have additional questions after receiving the message, they can simply click the button to initiate an automatic response. Users can add up to 3 quick reply buttons. 
WhatsApp Business API quick reply button
  • CTA button: This enables your customers to complete their purchase by making a phone call or visiting a relevant website. Users can only add one button. 
WhatsApp Business API CTA button

4. Multi-person login and teamwork

It will be a challenge for eCommerce if WhatsApp Business only allows one person to log in to an account. The customer service team will find it difficult to cope with a large number of inquiries daily. Apart from that, the online store will be unable to meet the demands of multi-person collaboration. By opening the WhatsApp Business API, merchants can use multiple logins to handle conversations together. To manage the progression of conversations effectively, they can assign or transfer discussions to the proper staff.

WhatsApp Business API multi-person login via VIMOS


WhatsApp Business API can also help replacement staff effectively track the progress of the customer’s dialogue and understand its context. In the customer data, there is also a “Notes” section for the follow-up staff to record the consumer’s detailed information.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Tagging Function

Businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API’s tagging feature to categorize and segment their large customer base. Employees can segment customers according to their buying preferences, intentions, demographics, etc., and use these classifications effectively when conducting remarketing.

Contact Group

Following the addition of tags, merchants can create distinct groups for various target customers based on these labels. This allows businesses to send personalized messages to these individual customers.

whatsapp customer relationship management crm

6. WhatsApp Broadcast 

Customer classification not only assists the team in understanding the needs of various customers. Nevertheless, customer tags enable the team to send broadcast messages to specific customers. Companies can send personalized broadcast messages based on the purchasing behavior or preferences of consumers in different customer groups. Furthermore, they can promote or prompt messages based on their needs.

WhatsApp Business API brroadcast

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WhatsApp Business API Function and Solution Comparison List

The expansion of WhatsApp Business API can undeniably provide significant benefits to merchants. Given the abundance of WhatsApp Business API providers on the market, how should merchants select the best one for them? In reality, not all suppliers offer the same extension functions and solutions. Before making a decision on a supplier, you must carefully consider whether the solution meets your business needs.

VIMOS compiled a list of functions, communication channels, services, and support offered by major WhatsApp Business API providers for your convenience.

The above information is for reference only

WhatsApp Business API function and solution comparison by VIMOS

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vimos whatsapp business api

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