Digital Transformation: The Key to Scaling Customer Experience

Digital Transformation

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of several businesses, particularly the retail sector. Digital transformation proved to be an effective way to reach customers via various online channels and boost e-commerce competitiveness. However, while strengthening competitiveness, businesses should make good use of digital technology and improve customer experience in a targeted manner. This strategy will open an opportunity for online stores to stand out in the market. In other words, improving customer experience through digital transformation will be critical to future business success.

Digital Transformation

According to Google, digital transformation is the process by which organizations use new technologies to reshape and define customer, employee, and partner relationships. Digital transformation has the potential to fundamentally alter business operations, optimize internal resources, and create value for customers.

When a company evolves, it undergoes a complete transformation of its operating processes, value propositions, customer experience, and organizational culture. Enterprises will become extremely sensitive to data and will place greater focus on customer value and experience. Businesses will then constantly evolve in order to stay competitive in the industry.

digital transformation

The “digital” in digital transformation is the use of technology to achieve business purposes. “Transformation” means that organizations, cultures, talents, processes, and technical structures must be changed in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy through transformation.

— Zhang Yudong, Senior Director, Digital Marketing Transformation, Google Taiwan

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Digital transformation is a powerful force that propels companies and industries forward. It can not only radically improve operational performance but also enable companies to enter a new digital era. An important note: to achieve this, the entire company must embrace the changes brought about by the transformation.

Digital transformation

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Why do retail industries need digital transformation?

“Customer-centricity” has always been the essence of the retail industry. However, in the current era of digital supremacy, attentive salespeople in brick-and-mortar stores are no longer sufficient. The retail industry must keep abreast of the retail development trend, progressively change into digital, and maintain its competitiveness. Online retailers must leverage digital technologies to improve shoppers’ purchasing experiences and grow more customers. The memories formed through enjoyable shopping experiences and sentiments are the core that can eventually keep customers.

How can digital transformation improve customer experience?

Digital technology can help businesses enhance their internal operations and communication. More importantly, it allows the retail industry to focus more on the consumer experience. The retail industry can leverage customer journey information and data analysis tools to develop personalized experiences for customers. Create more value for customers by establishing deeper relationships with them via websites and mobile devices!

A chatbot, which everyone utilizes when purchasing online, is an example of digital technology. Customers can get real-time information about items or services by asking a question or selecting a keyword. As a result of this, consumers’ impatience while inquiring is substantially reduced. However, the chatbot still has a blind spot in the form of pre-programmed responses. Customers will communicate with a live person if the chatbot is unable to answer their questions. Conversations are usually limited to text, which is quite inconvenient.

live person support

VIMOS, which recently developed a live-streaming sales service in chatbots, allows customers to engage salespeople quickly via live-streaming video. The salesperson can understand and address customers’ needs and expectations in real-time, as well as provide additional product information. Customers are approached one-on-one in order to persuade them to place orders and thus increase sales.

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Customers’ purchasing habits have transformed as a result of the epidemic. To find a way out, the retail industry should gradually transition to digitalization. The use of digital technology is the key to improving customer experience, satisfaction, and retention. Take a new step in your digital transformation and start using live e-commerce services. VIMOS always welcomes opportunities!

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