WhatsApp E-Shop: 2024 Business Guide

WhatsApp is the communication software of choice for Hong Kong people, accounting for 95% of the market share. It is also the best tool for many online stores or service industries to communicate with customers. However, as an e-commerce owner, how can you effectively convert your customer base, whether existing or attracted from advertising on other platforms, into buyers of your products and services? Are you still waiting for customers to come to you? Do you spend a lot of time answering customer questions? This method is too passive and time-consuming, cannot meet customer needs in a timely manner, and may cause customers to lose interest~

Don’t worry, in just a few steps, you can use VIMOS to quickly create a WhatsApp online store that is exclusive to you, allowing customers to directly enter your WhatsApp online store with one click to browse and purchase your products and services! Accelerate the sales process and help you improve your performance!

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2024WhatsApp’s strongest marketing strategy e-book

This e-book will give you an in-depth understanding of:

  • The difference between WhatsApp Business API and free WhatsApp
  • Dismantling WhatsApp API functions and real customer cases
  • Understand Chatbot and play with it at once?

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VIMOS WhatsApp Shop: Boost Your Performance Efficiently

Use WhatsApp profile to create your corporate image so that customers can see it at a glance

WhatsApp Shop Showcase allows businesses to showcase their brand story and product features on WhatsApp. Businesses can create their own business profiles through WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business Platform, including company name, address, contact information, website, directory, etc. Potential customers can more easily find and connect with your online store on WhatsApp and learn about your services and advantages.



Turn WhatsApp Catalog into Your Sales Tool

Do you want to make it easier for customers to browse and discover your products? Want to make your product more attractive and valuable in the eyes of your customers? An interactive product catalog that allows you to share your products and services with customers 24/7 and facilitate them to view and purchase directly in WhatsApp chat. You can provide unique titles, prices, descriptions, website links and product codes for your products in WhatsApp Catalog. You can also create and manage different portfolios to display related products or services in groups.



24/7 Customer Service with WhatsApp Automation Bot

Use WhatsApp automated sales conversations provide real-time customer service, automatically answer questions and resolve concerns 24 hours a day, helping customers make informed decisions. Secondly, it can greatly reduce labor and time costs and avoid manual intervention and errors. Real-time services can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as increase conversion and repeat purchase rates, allowing companies to establish more intimate and personalized relationships with customers and enhance brand image and reputation.


Let your customers enjoy a seamless payment experience within WhatsApp conversations with VIMOS

When shopping online, do you want your customers to be able to easily complete their purchases within WhatsApp without having to jump to other apps? VIMOS provides the latest WhatsApp online payment feature, allowing your customers to provide a seamless and secure payment process within WhatsApp. Guests can choose to use multiple payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat or credit card to complete the transaction in just a few steps. When purchasing products, services or receiving gifts, our online payment function allows your guests to enjoy a convenient, safe and fast shopping experience.


VIMOS: Enhance Value with WhatsApp Marketing!

In today’s highly competitive market, it is not enough to provide quality products or services, but also to build long-term relationships with customers. An effective method is to send personalized follow-up messages via WhatsApp to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Taking advantage of WhatsApp’s convenient communication advantages, you can promptly send order confirmations, receipts, usage instructions, FAQs and other information to customers after they purchase, and solicit their feedback and suggestions. This allows customers to feel valued and cared for, and addresses any questions or concerns they may have.

You can also send customers customized offers, new product recommendations, or birthday greetings based on their personal information and purchase records to increase their repurchase and referral rates. VIMOS helps you stay in touch with your customers and help your online store stand out from the competition!

VIMOS: Targeted Promotions with Customer Tagging!

VIMOS provides the customer tag function, which allows you to classify customers into different groups based on their interests, behaviors, preferences and other characteristics, and send different messages to different groups to improve conversion rates and loyalty. For example, you can use customer tags to identify which customers are loyal and encourage them to refer friends and family to your brand through WhatsApp to increase word-of-mouth and exposure through personalized offers and rewards strategies. In other words, you can use WhatsApp to automate promotion – “WhatsApp one-click broadcast + Customer Tags” to create a powerful social marketing strategy to enhance your brand awareness and competitiveness.


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VIMOS helps you quickly open a WhatsApp Shop, seize e-commerce business opportunities, teach you to grab business, quickly receive orders and collect payments! If you have any other questions or are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact VIMOS!