WhatsApp Business is Meta’s next major pillar

Social media platforms like Facebook have dominated the marketing landscape for many years. WhatsApp marketing, on the other hand, has emerged as a formidable force: in Hong Kong, WhatsApp’s 5.94 million users outnumber Facebook’s 4.45 million!


Regardless, WhatsApp marketing is still a new concept with limited learning material. Worry not, as VIMOS would like to provide some insights on how to make the most of this valuable platform resource.

Mark Zuckerberg announces WhatsApp as Meta’s next pillar

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that business communication will be the company’s next major pillar. After Facebook, WhatsApp will become a popular marketing and sales platform in 2023. With 1 billion users on WhatsApp, brands can reach a large untapped audience.


Compare to Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is a large blue ocean for businesses. Zuckerberg stated that WhatsApp and Messenger have a better chance of becoming the next wave of growth that propels Meta. As a result, the company is researching how to make these two programs more profitable.


Furthermore, Meta officially opened up WhatsApp Cloud API functions, including a variety of extended business functions previously provided by third parties. Auto-reply, broadcast, and multi-person login are among the features. It is clear that Meta is prepared to turn WhatsApp into a successful platform similar to Facebook and Instagram.


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WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp will pilot a business function in Brazil (2021), allowing users to search for businesses on the platform. All businesses in Brazil, large and small, can access the following data:

  • Product details and specifications
  • Goods and Services Catalog
  • Add items to customers’ virtual shopping cart
  • Payment process and methods


WhatsApp is increasingly being used for business transactions, but it is yet to be available in Hong Kong.


How does VIMOS assist SMEs in monetizing their WhatsApp traffic?

WhatsApp has a large user base and is extremely convenient. Businesses of all sizes often use third-party platforms to activate the WhatsApp Business API functions. They use platforms such as VIMOS, and run their own businesses on WhatsApp. This not only increases turnover but also significantly improves efficiency:


  • Contact existing and potential customers via WhatsApp broadcast, sell products and services to them, and increase turnover.
  • Use the WhatsApp auto-reply feature to respond to customer questions in real time and successfully retain a group of consumers.
  • 24/7 automatic operations, greatly reducing the concern on manpower
  • Use customer management tools to reclassify customers. Send personalized advertisements to various types of customers via WhatsApp, and increase the likelihood of a sale.


WhatsApp Business API is in high demand across many industries, including education, retail, and services.  For example, one of our customers, Gifted Education Center, receives dozens of inquiries from parents every day.


They don’t have enough customer service and business promotion officers. By following our advice, Gifted Education Center began using auto-replies to deal with common problems after implementing VIMOS. Our delighted clients are overjoyed because this has significantly reduced their staff’s workload!


When a parent begins to inquire, the chatbot will greet them with a welcome message. In response to the parent’s message, up to three Quick Reply buttons can be configured. Parents can inquire about specific courses by clicking a button, which will prompt the chatbot to respond automatically.


The chatbot will then compile the information obtained from the parents. As a result, the customer service team can handle inquiries more precisely and increase consumer satisfaction.


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What does VIMOS’ WhatsApp Business API provide for companies?

Meta enables users to directly access WhatsApp Business API features via VIMOS, an official cloud hosting service for WhatsApp Cloud API. WhatsApp Business API service can assist you in dealing with the mentioned app’s ever-expanding customer base. Furthermore, the following features of the VIMOS Platform can help you improve the operational efficiency of your business.



VIMOS offers a simple application programming interface that supports desktop and mobile app versions. Without any programming or software development skills, businesses can easily enjoy the stable and efficient extension functions of WhatsApp Business API. Book a 15-minute demo with us and enjoy additional discounts, along with a free 7-day trial!


Feel free to connect with VIMOS, should you need any assistance in accessing the platform. Our specialists are available to assist you from Monday to Friday!