Live Shopping E-commerce – Industries that Should Adapt Live Video

Live Shopping E-commerce

Buying everything in the comfort of our own homes is clearly a very appealing shopping method for consumers. The existing challenges of online shopping are addressed by the new trend of live video (live selling method) e-commerce. Transitioning to a live video e-commerce business if you sell clothes, cosmetics, or furniture is a brilliant option.  Why? Know the details as we share them in this blog!

What is a live video function?

The “live video function” refers to the live video feature available in the online store’s chat room. This function allows online clients to contact offline salespeople in real-time. Through live video, clients are able to ask questions and communicate, enhancing the overall online shopping experience.

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The Benefits of One-on-one Live Video

Although many individuals think of buying online as more convenient, the majority still want to interact with other people. Live video has the potential to fill that gap in online buying and turn it into an e-commerce business. Online retailers can place live video features to chat rooms in addition to basic chatbots. This feature allows sellers and customers to connect one-on-one in real-time.

Customers can use the “live video function” to directly contact offline salespeople. Sellers can use the video chat to understand and meet customers’ behaviors, or expectations, as well as collect their orders.

Live video is an effective tool for online sales.

Online interactive marketing evolved and improved the way of understanding customer needs. E-commerce employees now provide the most personalized customer experience based on clients’ browsing history and personal information. Incorporating the “people” element into the sales process allows you to focus on the consumer and address problems more efficiently.

Live video is very effective for online sales since it encourages customers to better enjoy the entire shopping process. Customers can ask inquiries about products at any time and receive immediate responses from the sales team. They can even view multi-angle product displays to learn more about its features and quality, among other things. Customers are more likely to buy products from the online store if these factors are in place.

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What industries are suitable for using live broadcast e-commerce?

Nine out of ten customers are inclined to try on a product before purchasing it. Yet, the pandemic makes this a difficult setting for experience-based enterprises. Your products are unlikely to be displayed, resulting in a huge number of slow-moving stocks. If you are in this challenging situation, you must transition to live broadcast e-commerce as your selling platform!

During the pandemic, three primary categories of retail can be converted to live video e-commerce. Most of the products in these outlets are experience-based, hence having live videos is a great option! The following are the top three industries:

【1】Fashion Store

Virtual fitting rooms are introduced by a number of high-end and prominent fashion brands worldwide. ZALORA, Southeast Asia’s leading online buying platform for fashion trends, recently launched the said function.  Customers can try on shirts with models of comparable skin tones and choose at random which garments they want to compare.

ZALORA online shopping platform

While virtual fitting rooms make it easier to try on shirts, human interaction is still limited. As a result, Gucci Live, developed by Gucci, incorporates human components. A salesperson live broadcasts to serve customers aside from having a studio set up to resemble Gucci’s real store. This provides clients the impression that they are in the physical store even though they are at home. Customers are more likely to repurchase if they have an entertaining way to test garments on!

【2】Cosmetics Store

For users, the most important thing to try before buying cosmetics is to know the actual effect of the product. Scenarios include whether the concealer is enough to fit and cover the skin area, if the color of the lipstick suits their lip color and skin tone, and so on. Aside from grasping customer needs during the live video, the seller also needs to make more appropriate recommendations through observation.

【3】Furniture store

Since large-scale furniture is difficult to deliver, customers frequently visit a furniture store to determine whether the product is appropriate for them. Thankfully, the advent of live video addressed this challenge! Salespeople, through live videos, show the furniture so that customers may obtain an approximate idea of its dimensions. During customer inquiries, the seller acts as an expert, allowing the client to make an informed decision in a short period of time.

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