2022 E-commerce Trends: 4 Tips to an Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service

Online stores are fast growing in popularity, and competition is becoming increasingly intense. Customers today expect excellent customer service in addition to high-quality products and services. Customer service refers to the assistance provided to clients both before and after they purchase a product or service. This feature includes answering questions, introducing products, and addressing complaints, among other things.

When consumers spend money, in addition to getting products, they also hope to have a high-quality service experience. Your business will undoubtedly prosper if your customer service is excellent!

The Benefits of a Good Customer Service

Why should e-commerce pay more attention to customer service? Compared to online e-commerce, selling in a brick-and-mortar store enables face-to-face conversations with clients, grasping the psychology of customers, and then conducting sales. In e-commerce, only customer service can pave the opportunity to speak with customers. But naturally, we should achieve the highest quality of customer service and retain customers.

Excellent customer service can increase client loyalty, making it easier for consumers to repurchase and buy new products. Clients can even promote your brand to family and friends on social media and other platforms, increasing business popularity.

Good customer service


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4 Tips to Improve Customer Service at Your Online Store

How should we assess the quality of customer service now that we’ve grasped its importance? Is it true that if there are no complaints, it means the product is of good quality? Well, in reality, the quality of your customer service is reflected in your turnover.

[1] Respond to customers quickly

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce, it is a requirement in customer service to provide a quick and prompt response. According to the well-known CRM software Hubspot, two-thirds of customers expect to hear from you within 10 minutes. Hence, if you fail to respond to a customer’s message within 10 minutes, you risk losing them. Customers may find similar products in other stores or may feel they no longer need them.

Tools like VIMOS, can make your customer service an asset. On WhatsApp and your store website, you can use this app to set up automatic greetings and offline messages. Personalized welcome greetings, operational notices, and other announcements can all be included in these messages. VIMOS may also save commonly used responses so you can quickly select them when a guest asks a question!

A customer service chatbot can also be enabled to answer some FAQs. When the customer mentions relevant words, the chatbot will immediately respond to the inquiry through an automatic message. The request can be fulfilled swiftly, increasing the likelihood of the customer’s consumption.

Example 1: Customer service takes too long to respond, and the customer loses patience.

Slow response to customers without using Whatsapp chatbot

Example 2: A customer service chatbot is available at the online store to quickly respond to client questions.

Quick response to customers using Whatsapp chatbot


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[2] Human interaction provides personalized responses

Even with the rapid growth of online stores, 75% of customers still value the experience of interacting with real people while shopping. This reflects that automated replies and chatbots alone are not enough to reach out to guests. It is also essential to have real individuals serve the customers and respond to their needs in a personalized manner.

But, as real people, how should online stores connect with their customers? Thanks to VIMOS’ video shopping function, customers can interact with real people one-on-one to introduce products during shopping. Fashion online stores, for example, can teach customers what to wear, and sell multiple items in real-time. Jewelry brand stores can use video conversations to highlight the benefits of their products. Flexing the luster of diamonds, as an example, increases customers’ confidence in high-priced online shopping. These are just a few of the benefits of using live videos in e-commerce.

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[3] Multi-channel interaction is convenient for guests

Some online stores may prefer to concentrate on guest interaction channels and only accept one mode of communication. Perhaps you also wrote or saw the words “Do not accept Direct Message” on Instagram. Always note that good customer service prioritizes the customers by addressing their needs above all else. It is highly suggested to adopt a range of communication channels so customers can find the most accessible and convenient way of communication. 

Multi-channel interactions make it easier to establish trust and closeness with clients, resulting in increased sales.  If permitted, you should offer a number of interaction options, such as social media platforms and instant messaging software. Such a method warmly accommodates customers and properly addresses their needs.

VIMOS covers auto-reply, chatbot, and team management features for WhatsApp. These features offer convenience for guests and business owners in terms of management, should they have multiple sales methods. What’s more exciting is that VIMOS will soon launch services for Facebook Messenger and Instagram! Even if a customer communicates through multiple sales channels, you may link and answer them in a consistent manner. Keeping customers connected and maintaining a personal experience when they spend across multiple channels will help retain more loyalty to your brand.

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[4] Interactive message templates for customers to solve problems by themselves

Customers don’t always want to seek assistance from others. Sometimes, great customer service is about letting people self-solve problems. 69% of customers want to solve problems as soon as possible, and 63% start by searching on the company’s website. Only around a third of businesses, on the other hand, provide social messaging, chatbots, or in-app messaging. Relieve stress not only for your team but also keep customers pleased by providing them with an easy self-service option.

VIMOS offers interactive message templates, allowing you to quickly construct common inquiries and answers in the chatbot. Such a function enables customers to solve problems on their own.

Whatsapp chatbot chatflow setting on VIMOS

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