2024 WhatsApp New Feature: Top 6 Store Advantages

Have you considered using WhatsApp to set up an Online shop? With over 2 billion users, many of whom are in Hong Kong, WhatsApp is not just convenient and quick, but also highly personalized and interactive, making it an ideal platform for conversational commerce.

However, if you’re only using the standard WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App to communicate with customers, you might encounter many limitations and inconveniences. For instance, you can’t log in on multiple devices simultaneously, broadcast messages in bulk, or automatically respond to frequently asked questions.

VIMOS is an automated customer service and marketing platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses that leverages the WhatsApp API to create Online shops, offering a multitude of functional advantages. This article will introduce the six key benefits of a VIMOS WhatsApp Online shop.

What are the advantages of doing business with a WhatsApp API-enabled Online shop?

If you already have a customer database, what are you waiting for? Start doing business on WhatsApp now, allowing your customers to shop instantly, anytime, anywhere!

1.Seamless Experience from WhatsApp Chat to Purchase

Whether it’s browsing products, placing orders, making payments, or checking order statuses, VIMOS provides a convenient conversational interface that guides your customers to communicate anytime, anywhere, and swiftly make purchasing decisions!


2. Enhanced WhatsApp Customer Interactions

Integrate WhatsApp’s instant chat capabilities with text, images, videos, and other rich media features to deliver a personalized shopping experience, respond to customer queries in real-time, send order updates, and make customers feel cared for and professional, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


3.Automated WhatsApp Sales and Customer Service

Supports auto reply, helping businesses automate sales and customer service processes, including frequently asked questions, order notifications, personalized recommendations, and more, significantly saving on labor costs.


4.Visualized WhatsApp Customer Analytics

Collect customer conversations and concerns, utilizing visual tools and analytics to deeply understand customer needs and preferences, and devise precise marketing strategies.

5.Deep Customer Relationship Maintenance via WhatsApp

Based on data analysis of customer conversations and concerns, provide personalized care for different customer groups, strengthen connections with customers, and enhance customer loyalty and repurchase rates.

6.Remarketing to Existing Customers through WhatsApp

With the customer tagging feature, categorize customers into different groups, and with a single click, send bulk WhatsApp broadcasts tailored to their needs and preferences, offering custom promotions or product recommendations to improve open and response rates, and increase customer loyalty and repurchase rates.

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VIMOS helps you quickly open a WhatsApp Shop to seize e-commerce opportunities, teaching you how to grab business, quickly receive orders, and payments! If you have any other questions or are interested in learning more, feel free to contact VIMOS anytime!